How much should I weigh?
by Chris on December 8, 2010 at 01:32 PM EDT

The concept of an “ideal” body weight harkens back to research done by an insurance company that found a correlation between reduced mortality and certain ranges of body weights based on height. Current practice suggests the use of a “Body Mass Index” (BMI) to determine ideal weight in this sense. It’s just a fancy term to say weight to height ratio. An ideal BMI for health purposes would range between a ratio of 18 and 25; however keep in mind that this measure only applies to gamers over 18 years old. This measure also does not account for body composition; which is to say an athlete such as a football player with much more muscle mass than average would possibly score a high BMI that would inaccurately classify them as overweight.

To determine your BMI, you need only check your height and weight against the handy chart or the BMI calculator provided under the GFN TOOLKIT. If you found you are over the suggested value of 25, improving your lifestyle choices will not only enhance your aesthetic appearance, but will also significantly reduce your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease as you age.

Another tool to more specifically determine ideal body weight is the Robinson equation. For each gender:

Male: 52kg for 60″, plus 1.9 kg for every inch over 60″ (+/- 10% depending on frame)

Female: 49kg for 60″, plus 1.7kg for every inch over 60″ (+/- 10% depending on frame)

For example, a 19yr old 5’11” male gamer would ideally weigh 72.9 kg (161 lbs) +/- 10%

Be sure to check back for more as we discuss strategies to get closer to our “ideal” weights

-Chris Carnright MS RD

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