Gaming and Health: Things You May Not Know About GFN
by Antwand Pearman on January 22, 2011 at 07:39 AM EDT


1. Loves the Gaming Community!

2. Dr. Hilarie Cash, PhD is a Therapist and Author who contributes to

3. We have our in @Amazon Store integrated into our website via GFN A-Store.

4. We spotlight companies that we feel cares about the Gaming Community via “GFN Spotlight.”

5. We spotlight Gamers who promote a positive reflection on the #Gaming Community via “True Gamer.”

6. We are a Gaming and Health LifeStyle Website.

7. We take donation which helps us function and if you donate a minimum of $5.00 you’ll receive a wristband, You also win prizes as well. $10.00 you’ll receive 3.

8. We are family friendly, and put warnings on games we cover that might be considered mature in nature.

9. Our staff is composed of both male and female gamers who volunteer their time to bring you great content.

10. We source our work to provide a stronger article and if mentioning information posted from another site.

11. Leanne Vogel Is a Holistic Nutritionist writer for her website Who contributes recipes to GFN for Gamers.

12. We specialize in Gaming Fitness Addiction Children & Health  related matter’s in-general.

13. We have relationships with great companies such as Playstation, Nintendo, EA,  Thq_inc, Konima, Ubisoft, Sega, The ECA,  ETC…

14. We will be attending both Spike Video Game Awards, Comic Con, Pax and E3expo Etc…

15. We love Gaming, Health, Gamers, and Family

16. We reward are top writer of the year with a custom Crystal Frosted Mug title “GFN editor of the year”.

17. The site was founded April 6th 2010 by Editor In Chief Antwand Pearman also known as @BlackBible.

18. Our colors  Blue, Green, & Yellow, symbolize Gamers, Fitness, & Nation.

19. We conduct Game Reviews, Product Reviews, Previews, & Interviews.

20. We capitalize the word “Gamer” to highlight it’s importance.

21. We have a Facebook Fan-page you should like us with link provided here:

22. Our symbol is a medical caduceus made up video game controller peripherals to tie the bond between Health & Gaming.

23. We are considered the #1 Gaming and Health Organization.

24. We are based in New York but have people in Rhode Island, Canada, Thailand, California  The United Kingdom and Louisiana.\

25. We tackle video game addiction.

26. GFN is an acronym, G for Gamer, F for Fit, & N for Nation.

27. We have a Children’s section called GFNjr. Where we tackle child obesity, The young Gamer community Parent and Child relationship through Gaming.
28. We have Gamer Workouts provided by @Scott_Herman of

29.We have a Youtube Channel

30.  L. Justin Belin MD, MPH A Surgical resident at Cornell Medical Center, research fellow at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Contributes to our site.

31.  GFN Management team members are Co-Executive Editor’s Gregory Laporte & Brittany Figaro and Managing Editor Mya Sharona.


Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit

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