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by MyaSharona on February 28, 2011 at 12:40 PM EDT

GamerFitNation gives back in recognition of your support.

GamerFitNation is a website dedicated to helping people, from all walks of life, achieve a healthy balance of gaming and health in daily life. With original content, dedicated and knowledgeable staff, user tools and resources, and a strong growing community GamerFitNation is fast becoming the place to go online for gaming and health.

To recognize the support of its fans, GamerFitNation is launching a new program to thank supporters of the site. The GamerFitNation Gives Back initiative will give donators an opportunity to win great prizes which will be related to gaming and health.

Here’s How it Works:

  • For your chance to win simply make a donation of $5.00 USD or more using the ‘Donate’ button on
  • Every donation of $5.00 USD or more WINS a prize
  • Every 25th donation of $5.00 USD or more wins one of the featured prizes from the GFN Prize Vault.
  • Each one time donation of $5.00 USD or more is considered a single donation. (for example donations of $10.00 are not counted twice)
  • In order to receive your prize you must have a valid mailing address within the continental United States or Canada attached to the donation. *Tracking will not be available unless otherwise specified.

It’s really that easy.

Companies interested in donating prizes to the GamerFitNation Gives Back initiative are encouraged to contact GamerFitNation via  to find out how.

Featured prizes will be randomly selected from the GamerFitNation Prize Vault so, please, no requests.

What’s in the Prize Vault right now you ask?

Right Now the GamerFitNation Prize Vault contains:

  • A copy of Blur for the PS3
  • A copy of Dance Central 2 for the Wii
  • Sports Champions for PS3
  • 3 PlayStation Eyes

There will also be a chance to win  PSN cards, WII cards, and XBOX points!

That’s 6 prizes ready for 6 new homes (and so much more on the way)!

2 PlayStation Eye prizes ready to give away!

Blur and Just Dance 2 are ready for new homes!

Sports Champions for the PS3 gets your body moving!

But Everyone will WIN!

If you are not the 25th entrant but have made a donation of $5.00 USD or more you will receive a GFN wristband ($10.00 gets you 3). Be sure to attach that shipping address to your donation so GamerFitNation knows where to send your prize.

GFN wrist bands. (I wear mine all the time!)











I sat down and talked with GamerFitNation’s founder Antwand Pearman (BlackBible) and asked him about what it means to have the support of the community.

“Professionally and personally, the financial support of the GamerFitNation community means we are able to obtain and post the information we receive by traveling to numerous gaming events. It’s also means we are able to maintain the up-keep of the website. It’s important for our supporters to receive the best quality we can offer at that time.”

What do you hope supporters of GamerFitNation will gain from one time and ongoing support of the site?

“I would hope that any person who joins and supports our site will gain the knowledge needed to live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.“

Any comments for visitors who may be on the fence about supporting the site?


“It’s understandable that you may have doubts. By supporting us you will be a part of the new generation of healthy gamers.”

Read  more about BlackBible’s position on gaming and health here.

.GamerFitNation’s mission is supporting gamers with their physical health and gaming addiction.

“It is our reason for being. Success will be measured by actual outcomes and not by processes performed or dollars spent.”

In a digital era where content is shared openly and freely, communities are able to come together and achieve great things. Realistically, however,  nothing is ever free. Fees for delivering content to consumers can often make or break a service. Financial support of quality content, that you as a consumer use, is always a great way to ensure that said content remains and continues to evolve.

The GamerFitNation Gives Back program is a fantastic recognition to community members for helping ensure that can continue to grow and distribute original quality content. Helping us all achieve that balance between gaming and health, GamerFitNation not only strives to bring us information, resources, and tools, but also give us a strong community in which we can share our struggles and successes with each other.

Be sure to follow @gamerfitnation on twitter and like us on Facebook . Jump in and be a part of the community.

Good luck to all of our supporters in their chance to win some of the amazing prizes.


Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit

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