Xcom E3 Impressions- Its in Alien Invasion




Tactical combat is impressive

2K games at E3 had a very amazing showing of games. One game that stood out to me was Xcom. I’ll tell you right now that this game is something special. The presentation we were shown was full of win and pure alien destruction. I have to say that first person shooter games are not my favorite genre. Xcom may be the game that can change that as I was very intrigued by what I saw.

This game takes place in the early 1960’s. There is an alien invasion and it is up to you and the army to stop it from reaching and spreading any further than it has already. You will meet a few lively characters along the way and they will help you reach your goal of destroying the alien threat. One character you meet is Agent Barnes. Barnes is basically your boss and will get you situated from the get go. The aliens in this game are known as the outsiders. They are a very deceptive bunch especially the enemies known as the infiltrators. The infiltrators are able to take the shape of a friendly officer as a way to become a spy for their side.

There are three essential things that you should remember about this game. You can mix and match strategy, control a team of Individuals, and obliterate alien forces. The game allows you to find alien technology and you can capture it by the way of a special skill. After you capture this alien tech you have the choice to take it back to the command center where it can be used to improve your command center’s technology. The other choice you have is that If you get into a fire fight and you need the extra fire power you can call what you took and it will be yours.


you can use that bad boy

We were shown an example during the presentation when they showed this ability in action where the character commanded the others to take control of an alien saucer. It was sucked up into a portal and then put away for later use. You will have the choice on what you want to do with the stolen alien tech.

There is also character progression in this game. You have the ability to power up the teammates that you choose in battle to better your fighting chance. Improving your characters make their abilities stronger, faster, and it may require more or less to use them depending on the ability.

Those of you looking to play this game online with your friends are going to be disappointed. Xcom will not feature any type of multiplayer experience. The game is strictly a single player experience. That means all those trophy hunters out there rejoice no stat peddling! Since this game is a strictly single player experience this means that there will also be no co-op campaign mode either.

In conclusion, Xcom on consoles was one of my most intriguing games of E3. The way that they have incorporated strategy, combat, and even capturing enemy technology for you to use as your own. You can create new weaponry which was very unique. I found it to be a really fine shooter and something that all of the sci-fi fanatics out there will enjoy.  This will be a first person shooter with some tactical aspects added into the mix to kick it up a notch. Now that you have read all about Xcom, Leave your thoughts in the comment section on what you think about the game. Looking to pick this one up, passing it by, let us know!


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