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5 Elements All Next Gen Consoles MUST Have

Written by on July 27, 2011
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It almost seems like yesterday that you able to afford that new or used Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3 that you’ve always wanted. Wait a sec, that was yesterday for some. It almost seems to soon to be talking about the next generation of console gaming, but here we are. I want to ask you all a question. If you were to create a gaming console, what would be the key ideal features that it should and would require? Would you value power over price or quality over quantity. Its safe to say that all the consoles this generation have had their strengths and weakness.

Wifi: Great Online offerings 

It absolutely baffles me that in this generation, that we had some consoles with no wifi capabilities. Now that they have caught up on this idea, we can almost expect every console to have wifi next-gen. Most people have a wireless router in their house, due to their cable company or other internet provider. This being said all consoles must allow the option to allow internet browsing through internet explorer, opera or through a self created browser.

This will also lead into my point of discussion which is the creation of a premium service for all consoles. If most people have a wireless connection then it makes sense to increase and improve their online offerings. Let’s move on shall we? ;-)

Multiplayer Premium Service 

This most likely relates to Sony and Nintendo. The reason why is because Xbox is pretty much on top of their online department and they could only add more exclusive services to their service to make it better than what it is now. That’s why Sony and Nintendo have to catch up to them in this regard. If they don’t fix it, the problems could be drastic for these companies and it may lead to them losing potential consumers of their consoles.

In a generation where online play is huge I think that the big 3 have to take it a step further. Cross-platform play with steam games and the PC could play a pivotal role in ushering in a new era of gaming. Imagine playing with our fellow PC gamers in the comfort of their PC. I think that this would be a huge factor. Think about, if we were able to purchase games from the steam shop for a cheaper price than retail. I think that this would be great.

3D: High Definition Next Generation

As much as some people might not like conforming or getting into a trend. I personally believe that 3D televisions will usher in a new age of gaming. Its already being incorporated now into some games. I’m expecting the next generation of gaming consoles to take full advantage of the power  they have to incorporate full HD 3D gaming for two people at one time. Ben Parker said it best “with great power comes great responsibility”. This also holds true for game publishers and companies.

It’s going to take ingenuity to be able to develop a unique 3D experience for everyone to enjoy. There will some games that will benefit from 3D and there will be some that don’t. All I can say is that I hope we get great games. Originality must also take advantage of this new power and potential that developers will have. The responsibility is on the developers to rack their brains.

Different experiences in Gameplay

There must be more incorporation of touch controls and voice commands. This generation we saw better incorporation with handhelds. Well kind of.  There was some sort of incorporation in regards to the PSP doing remote play. Now, we also see that Nintendo is allowing people to take games on their controllers. Even if it is limited to just single player alone. When I talk about different experiences in gameplay, I am talking about new ways to play games.

This generation we had wii-motes, kinect, and the playstation move. What else can we expect? There has to be some type of new innovation within the industry. Maybe combining different genres together and thus creating a new type of game all together would be much better. The way that this would work, is that we have to be open to these new attempts and not criticize companies for trying new things.

Cost Effective: Longevity

In a time where our economy is suffering and money may be scarce for gamers.  I have to say that getting a durable and cost effective system is a must in this day and age. I think that a console that gets released and gets a bad rep for being more breakable then the others will be doomed from the start. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on something that will break on them a few months down the line. I have asked a few people about this and in each of their responses was the same answer. They told me that they wanted “longevity, I don’t want to look at it the wrong way and it breaks one day.” That is understandable especially if you were the owner of a fat PS3 or Early Xbox 360.

The other respondents I pooled stated that they also wanted easier gameplay, cheaper prices, more durability. I mean who could blame them really? In a generation where we had 400 to 600 dollar consoles, add the fact that now our economic system is in shambles, this is understandable. Also, I personally don’t think that many people will be willing to pay 70 dollars for games if they cost that much next-gen. That’s why I think that Nintendo may be making a mistake with having a high priced controller. I won’t make any assumptions as of yet because we don’t have any cold hard facts to go on for a price. The only thing I can say is that the console that provides a great unique experience for less will come out on top.

Lastly, I believe the next-gen of console gaming has to incorporate all of these elements to make it a great gaming generation. The games will be there so we don’t have to worry about them, unless they make them sequel after sequel. I really do believe that consoles must have cross-platform with steam. This generation has almost perfected multi-player online, but I feel they have to take it one step further. What are your thoughts on this topic? Post them below!

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