A Few Problems That The Xbox 360 Has To Fix Before Taking Over Next Gen

Everyone can relate to a mascot, a person that stands out above all the rest. Sony has had several mascots from Crash Bandicoot, Spryo when it was still great on the PS1, Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Ratchet and Clank, Jac and Daxter, and also now with Nathan Drake to be succinct. Nintendo themselves have also created a great repertoire of  characters for consumers to relate with. I can almost guarantee that most of the individuals reading this article grew up playing Super Mario Bros or Donkey Kong. Throughout the years they have built on their image with characters like Link, Wario, Fox, and Captain Falcon again there are more but let’s be brief.

The question I ask you all today is when you think of Xbox, who are the mascots that come to mind today. I will tell you a couple characters off the bat are Marcus Fenix and Master Chief. These two are some of the most baddest dudes on the planet, but can they support the onslaught of mascots being provided by the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo. My answer to this is “No,they can’t”. These characters have star power within gamers, but Microsoft can’t rely on every game that they come out in to push them forward into super stardom.

Renowned first party studios are a must in this type of industry and from the success shown by Nintendo and Sony it holds true. That’s why in this regard a priority should be to acquire independent developers that have the potential to become something great and well-known. Look at Media Molecule, Microsoft had a chance to sign that great studio on but missed out on a great opportunity due to their own principles. That could have been a great acquisition for them. Another problem that they are having is that they have to improve on the studios that they now have that were once great. Rare I’m talking about you. I say they bring out another Perfect Dark game reboot and try to change up the story. I think that bringing in some fresh ideas will help spark another potentially well-known game for this franchise and for the Xbox.

In a era where it seems that console exclusive games are coming to an end and everything is going multi-platform, this is an area where they must improve. Getting high quality and creating innovative titles are what can jump start there momentum. They will have to get it going  soon for the next Generation from the Xbox 360. It will be in this regard of obtaining exclusive games through their first party studios that that have created which will allow them to blow out the competition. Another improvement that they have to make is to include a web browser in their future systems. I mean this is a no-brainer for the company that created Internet Explorer among  other things. That being said, not incorporating a web browser makes it detrimental to the overall experiences they may want to give. If the other consoles can do it on theirs than surely the Xbox can to and will improve on the formula.

The Xbox has to be more focused on gaming as opposed to social features such as music, movies, all the additional jargon that gets thrown on systems. Why would I want to have my Facebook overflow with the “I just got this many points and achievements in so and so game” but the game i’m playing that has the feature is pretty much trash. This is just an example by the way so don’t bash me as I know most die hard fans will. I wouldn’t have it any other way. All I am asking for in the Next Generation is that there be some creativity, people that want to make games that are fun, improve on the formulas and not be afraid to try new things. I know that we all might not like change, but through change we can develop new ideas and pursue new goals. This will cause the games we play to stimulate our minds. One company that already is doing this is Nintendo and I think that the Xbox will follow next.

The Xbox 360 is a great system with many great games for it but if it keeps the path of offering more services than games as its recently been doing, I don’t see much people buying the Next Gen Console as a means for just service alone. I mean Xbox live is good, but a console seller alone. I think not. :-) We are gamers after all. Give us the games Xbox and Microsoft!


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