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A Wireless Controller for the Kinect?

Written by on July 28, 2011
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GamerFitNation was invited to the Microsoft Holiday Showcase and many awesome games and tech were on display that will blow your mind. Still image our surprise when we saw a wireless steering wheel type Xbox Controller on display. What made it more of a shock was seeing it being demoed using the Kinect System. This thing is beautiful, light weight, and slick. Still this brings the question to mind, is Microsoft developing tech for the Kinect that will reshape the idea of “You are the controller?”




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  • delroy Harding

    doesent giving it a controller mess with their whole plan of the saying its a controller free gaming

  • Herp

    “You are the controller”

    Not anymore you’re not.

    • Anonymous

      They finally have to admit what Sony found out in 2004 with the PS2 EyeToy, many gamers not impressed with full body motion controls.  The technology has limits and M$ is not good at staying inside limits or constraints of the tech, they get killed every time.

      Even the new Star Wars Game will not be as popular when they see how not so much control becuase their is to much “USER AI” or to much motion is done for you instead of by you.

  • BlackBible

    It’s Funny  how even when I said this “What made it more of a shock was seeing it being demoed using the Kinect System.” people ignore it LOL

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