Diary of a Gamer Mom
by dsales26 on July 8, 2011 at 12:28 PM EDT

Just a mild mannered Gamer Mom

Every morning, I rise and shine at 5:30 am, skip breakfast, shower, beautify myself as quickly as possible, and dress my two year old with lightening speed before we head out the door to start our day.  30 minutes later, I’m sitting in my office and reading medical, blah-blah-blah, records pushing myself through a repetitious yet sometimes intriguing job.  Around noon my body starts aching for two things 1) to see the bright smile on my baby girls’ face, and 2) to partake in some zombie killing madhouse fun in Call of Duty: Black Ops.  Too bad I can never give into my cravings so early in the afternoon.

By 3:30, it’s finally time to leave work (yay), stop by the daycare to pick up my angel, and then head home for a few hours of non-stop Fresh Beat Band and Spongebob Squarepants before I mosey over to the stove to cook dinner somewhere between 6:30 and 7 o’clock.  After we have stuffed our faces (in a ladylike manner of course) its bath time and then off to bed for the little one.  Well, now its 8:30 and my brain has finally ceased doing back-flips in anticipation of what game I will pick up and play tonight.  Oh boy, now the real fun begins.

So what was the point of that long draw out story you ask?  It’s simple, everyday in one form or another, someone asks me “why do you like gaming” or “how do you have time for silly games”.  And I always answer, “Have you ever played Halo, Mass Effect, or any of the Lego games?  If so you would not be asking me those silly questions”.  This is not a post about how women are portrayed as gamers, that topic has been debated and pounded into the ground and left to dry on someone’s muddy boots.  So breathe a sigh of relief.  No, this is a post about a single mother who games…and loves it!

As you see my little one takes after her mommy

I’ve been gaming since I was seven years old, ages ago when controllers only had two important buttons, A and B.  When I first saw the light gray Nintendo console I don’t know what enticed me more, the Track Pad or the NES Zapper that allowed me to shoot ducks with (little) accuracy.  Or maybe it was driving around the tank in Blaster Master and falling to my impending doom and having to restart the level.  Heck it could have been striking out countless times in RBI Baseball and vowing to never give up until I hit the perfect home run.  Whatever it was, Nintendo had me sold with many late night escapades in this new and impressive world called video games.

Fast forward twenty years into the future, I am now a working mother who still finds the time to sit down in front of my television and immerse myself in every game I can get my hands on.  Nothing is more satisfying than starting my Xbox 360 and watching my daughter grab her headset and controller so she can sit down and play with mommy.  As many women know, it’s not easy being a mother and juggling/rearranging your schedule to suit your kid’s needs on a daily basis.  But it is always rewarding when you can sit down at the end of the day and look back on the fun that you two shared.  Even though my daughter is only two, I love it when she grabs her controller with her tiny fingers and sits down next to me on the couch waiting for me to show her how to push the buttons.  We smile, we laugh, and we create memories that we will one day be able to reminisce about when she is older.

Step yo game up…this dont even put a dent into how many games i own!

Generally speaking, mothers are nurture’s.  And any way that I can find to foster my daughters creativity and broaden her imagination I am going to do it.  Next to books, I believe video games are the only other outlet where we as people can lose ourselves in imaginative worlds and enjoy every minute of the experience.  Even the worst books get read by someone, and even stereotyped girl gamers will play the grittiest games.  Being a woman does not make me any less of a gamer nor does it define which games I buy or play.  Most of the time I will pick up anything, whether it’s Battlefield, Dragon Age, or the ever so challenging Dance Central.

Gaming is not about gender preference, it’s about personal experience and what it takes for you to have a good time.  So before you knock games, you should play one.  Unless you are scared that you might actually like it, and if that’s the case you should stop now.  No I take that back, go for it!  And make sure you go hard or don’t go at all.  Besides how else will you discover what you like?  As for me, you can find me exploring the vast world of the Halo universe and buying up every piece of property in Fable 3.  Achievement Unlocked:  This Girls Got Game.

Super Gamer Mom!

Question- Think you can beat me in Call of Duty Zombies? :)


Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit

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    Wonderful article from a talented woman. Your daughter is beautiful! :)

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