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5 drinks You Shouldn’t Have During a Late Night Gaming Session

Written by on August 17, 2011
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You are in an intense 5 vs 5 team battle and the first round has just ended. Your hot, sweaty, and your throat is very dry. You head down to the fridge to find something to drink and than all of sudden your mind is on the fritz of  what to grab. My solution to you is to not grab any of these mentioned drinks.

Energy Drinks

First and foremost an energy drink is full of caffeine which makes you very hyperactive. If your playing a game and will be heading to bed at night I would highly suggest not drinking this and here’s why. The problem is that most “energy drinks” have an insane amount of caffeine and sugar. You may get the refreshing sweet taste that you have always wanted however, you’ll crash and just want to head to bed immediately after your sugar high. If you want to use your brain which is required in many team centered games. Grab yourself a green tea as that will help your metabolism and brain to better function in battle.


This has to be one of my favorite drinks as I was a kid. I always loved me some country time lemonade and it pains me to say that when I found out how much sugar was in a serving i stopped drinking it. Most lemonade mix use the same sweeteners used in soda, and combine it with preservatives and artificial color. Each cup of lemonade has around 100 calories and the equivalent of 6 teaspoons of sugar with no nutrients. If you wanna know what this taste like get a cup of water and put 6 teaspoons of sugar and consume. Its basically sugar water.

Sports Drinks

Your building up a sweat and losing lots of electrolytes at 12 in the morning. You decide to grab a Powerade or Gatorade. Here’s the problem with that though. This may set your weight-loss goals back a little. Some sports drinks on the market have a mixture of natural and artificial sweeteners. that combine with a laundry list other additives. If you want to  put the electyolytes back in your body after a long night, switch to zero-calorie SmartWater or Metroelectro.

Juice Drinks

Thinking about some Sunny Delight out of the fridge because you need Orange Juice. You might wanna put that Sunny D back. Juices that are labeled with things like “juice drink” and “juice cocktail” are almost always a synonym for colored sugar water. If you want a healthy drink  that is available for you, 100 percent juice is the way to go.

Flavored Water

So now you have finished your game and you want to get some water but you don’t like the taste. I can tell you that flavor water is not the way.  These waters may have few vitamins, because they are packed with extra sugars. If you buy a bottle of flavor water check the label if it has extra stuff added please put it down and walk away. Regular water is just as good and healthy for you.

Well, what do you think about these 5 drinks? Anything that I may have missed you feel should be added?


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  • idiot behind a computer

    first word made me stop reading at all. how this article got shared just amazes me.

    • Gregory Laporte

      Thank you for your kind words. Nice name by the way! 

      • i am me not you

        nice hat by the way

        • Gregory Laporte

          thanks man! 

    • BlackBible

      They have special needs centers that will help you with that problem. ;)

  • Guest

    Add to list: Any soft drink that’s not all-natural. High-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, caramel color (and other “artificial colors”), beet sugar (sugar beets are one of the top 6 GMO crops)… all this chemical piss-water crap.

    A good thing to keep in mind: Soda is cheaper than water. Soda is made with water. So what they do to the water to make it into soda, *reduces* the value of the water.

    Instead, get yourself some water, preferably filtered (Berkey filters are awesome, I can easily taste the difference from the tap). Or some plain old fruit juice (organic, if possible).

    Or coffee, if you’re looking to keep that session going to the morning.

    • BlackBible

      THANK YOU!!! Logic Wins!!

    • Rich

      “A good thing to keep in mind: Soda is cheaper than water. Soda is made
      with water. So what they do to the water to make it into soda, *reduces*
      the value of the water.”

      Someone didn’t take any economics courses.  For one things are not priced by what they cost but by what people will pay for it. 

      The carbonated soft drink market is very crowded and Pepsi is Coke’s main rival and they help to establish the competitive marketplace which has driven prices down in that sector.

      Bottled water is a fairly new marketplace and before bottled water became a popular refreshment people were getting water for free out of their tap. 

      So while your statement sounds good on paper, it doesn’t pass the critical thinking test.

  • BlackBible

    Be sure to check out Ask a Gamer Doctor while you’re here.

  • Rich

    I suggest a tall cold glass of vodka for best team play.  :)   Actually I am a beast with a knife in BFBC2 when I have a good buzz. :)

    • BlackBible


  • Anonymous

    Ooo. I love the chance to play devil’s advocate.  ;-) 

    For the record country time and similar “lemonade mixes” is not lemonade. I make my lemonade from scratch and it contains very little sugar at all.  Vitamin C of lemon-juice is very effective because it is combined with bioflavonoids (vitamin P). In addition to Vitamin C, lemon also contains niacin and thiamin in small amounts. Lemon-juice prevents or restrains influenza, malaria and cold.
    So I have to disagree on that one, it’s not ALL bad. :)  
    Also in terms of the flavoured water, you are looking at about 20 calories per bottle (16oz) compared to a can of pop which can have somewhere around 140 calories 12% carbs and 2% sodium so the water is really the healthier choice there. 

    Great discussion starter. =) 

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