How Singing Can Improve Your Health
by Alfredo López Editor GFN, LA West Coast on August 8, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Whether it’s in the shower or at a concert, I love singing along to my favorite tunes. It wasn’t long ago that I started to wonder if singing was any good for my health. I mean we use muscles to sing and usually muscles are related to health, right? I did some research and according to studies done at UC Berkley, singing is beneficial to a person’s health. This is beyond amazing because it’s another way I can put health, gaming, and music all in one!  Aside from that it’s family friendly and anyone can join in on the fun!

Helps with Stress
When I’m singing I forget about any problems I have in my life, for the short while I’m stress free. It’s awesome because of the less stress, I’ll have less chances of a headache. We all know having a headache really sucks. Not only that but the less stressful a person is, the chances are they’re happier. When we’re happier we get blood circulating all over the body, that’s good since we need blood to keep moving around for us to have a better cardiovascular system which in the long run prevents us from problems like ear disease.

Builds Confidence
Where does confidence help your health? Confidence will make you less hesitant to trying different workouts. People who sing tend to be more confident. Having confidence in yourself is good because without it we’d miss out on reaching many of our goals. The cool thing about this is you don’t have to necessarily sing in front of people for feedback, you can simply play a rhythm singing game-like Lips, Rock Band, Sing It, Singstar, etc… and start there. From there you might build confidence and challenge some of your friends to a sing off!

Good for Immune System
Singing is good for your immune system. How? According to a UC Berkley health article, researchers in Germany studied the antibodies and stress hormones of a choir. It turned out that those singing or listening temporarily had a slight boost in antibodies. Even though it’s not a lot, it’s pretty important because you never know if a person might sneeze on you and that little boost might be the difference between you being or not being sick.

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  • Gregory Laporte

    LOL this is very true, sometimes i sing while i run and it helps the run go by faster 

  • Brittany Figaro

    Never thought about it. Love it

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