Gears Of War 3 Review (360)

Let me start by saying this is the first time I ve ever played a Gears of War title, so unlike most other reviewers, I m seeing this game with fresh eyes. Here is the link to the video of me playing Gears for the 1st time ever.

Story: You play as Marcus Fenix, a Soldier who was imprisoned for disobeying an order. He was later freed and asked to lead a group called “Delta Squad.” After an assumed final victory against the locust in Gears 2, you and your men begin a new life on a huge ship called “Sovereign” which is also an island. The story takes a wild turn into chaos with the return of an old friend, new enemy, and past secrets. One thing that I found interesting was, you didn t have to play as Marcus Fenix the whole time. Depending on the situation, you could find yourself playing as another main character and relieving their past moments, all the while interacting with Marcus. For people like myself that haven t played a Gears title before, they have a “Previously on Gears” cinema, to help get caught up with the story.

This was extremely helpful to me, because I was able to identify characters and situations that were key to the whole story. For example, I know in the past you fought against creatures called the locust, but this time around you fight a new enemy that s even more ferocious. The enemies range from small to colossus at any given moment making things interesting and unexpected.

To give you an idea of the games beauty I took this with my cellphone.

Single Player GamePlay: One thing I noticed about Gameplay, was that you could split up into 2 groups, and choose a different path from the others. Another awesome feature was that anyone could jump in your main campaign via the new “Four Player Campaign Co-op mode”. This allows them to give you a hand in beating the game as a unit. I ve never seen anything like it in a 3rd person action title before. The weapons in this game are crazy. I knew about the chainsaw gun and the Spear gun, but they also have a weapon that when you fire it, a creature shoots out, digs underground to only to pop out of the ground and explode in your face. Another thing that I thought was interesting was that throughout the game, you could find items such as Football Caps, that you could wear while playing. They even went as far as to give you a choice of how to wear the caps.

Then there are 3 more online modes that make the game even more Epic, “Beast Mode” which is a 5 player Co-op mode that allows you to take on your favorite guys Marcus and the Delta Squad in waves. “Horde Mode” which is basically the reverse of the “Beast Mode” allows you to fight against the Locust, and new enemies in an all out battle. Lastly, there s “Competitive Multiplayer” it contains all of what you would expect from any multiplayer title, but the game changer is that because it s powered by a strong dedicated server that action is hard hitting and heart pounding. What s magnificent is that just like the single player, I was able to jump right into these game modes very easily. Though, I d be normally classified as a noob to most of you, this game makes it easy for me to catch up and kick butt.

I discovered that Team Death Match remains my favorite mode and that of all the maps are very well done and fun to play. I love running around with a shotgun and by the end of my eighth or ninth hour no one wanted anymore of me. I kept progressing and getting unlocks which are very well done. You can literally spend hours in multiplayer without it getting redundant.

Buy this game or I'm going to saw you in half!

Graphics: Graphically, this game is simply marvelous. If you look at the pics in the review. These were all taken with my camera phone. This is one of the most beautifully made third person shooters this generation. The pictures don t do this game justice. You simply have to experience this master piece. Note in the photo below, I m standing over a cliff fighting enemies if you take a closer look, you ll see floating enemy ships and towers in the background, believe it or not you can actually interact with it.

For example, I saw a flying enemy in the distance and was able to shoot it. The funny thing was that the same enemy passed over to drop off more troops. The sound in this game is so good, you can actually hear someone about to snipe you. Even the foot steps of creepy crawlers in the distance can be heard. Even through all of that, when a battle breaks out, the sound of gun fire, explosions, and the crumbling earth can really shake up your HDTV, making for an even more intense gaming environment.

Story: 10

Graphics: 9.5

Sound: 10

Gameplay: 10

Overall: In my opinion, Gears of War 3 is the most hardcore 3rd person shooter ever. It takes you into the minds of these neo warriors and beyond the realm of battle. The story allows you to bond with these guys. You will really care about what happens and will want to see them make it through. Gameplay is easy to jump into, as well as constantly engaging, only solidifying my initial claim. Sound serves as a thunderous war cry that makes you want to fight harder and harder towards your goal. Maybe it s because, I haven t played a past Gears title before, but the graphics are the best I ve seen on any Xbox 360 title. At the end of the day, I feel great regret for never playing Gears of War in the past. I promise you that from now on, I have become one more squad member of Marcus and the Delta Squad. Not only does this game receive a perfect score of 10/10, but it also receives our GFN Seal of approval.

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