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One day last year I had a client in my clinic who asked me, “What do you suppose is the most important action to take to make certain you are healthy?” What a question! I responded that I thought pH was the most important part. Then I remembered that vitamins are also key to good health, followed by numerous other “keys” to good health, all of which I shared with my client. Finally I came to the conclusion that there is no “key” to good health. Some groundbreaking research based upon long standing beliefs regarding how the body as a whole functions has blown my conclusion out of the water.

I’ll spare you the details of the clinical research and cut to the chase: There are two things that are equally important that you do to maintain good health.

One: Take a broad spectrum probiotic. The definition of probiotic is “pro life.” Find one with high counts of beneficial bacteria that is stored in a cooler or freezer and take at least one every day. I’ll explain the reasoning in a moment.

Two: Consume as many foods as possible that have NOT been processed, prepared, sprayed nor genetically modified. I’ll explain this point after the first.

Probiotics: “Pro life” capsules you take internally. The book I am currently reading is called “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. She gives a great analogy of the human body and it’s most vital digestive system. Were you aware that your digestive system is absolutely coated in bacteria? These bacteria, granted you have healthy balanced gut flora (bacteria), cover every inch of the digestive tract from entrance to exit. These beneficial bacteria are responsible for excreting many vitamins we require to thrive. Coexisting within our digestive tracts are the viruses, bacterium and fungi that are responsible for throwing our immune system into overdrive. The reason we are not ill continually is the beneficial gut flora keep these nasty ones in check. Since 90% of the genetic material within our body belong to the bacteria that inhabit our digestive tract, I’m going to say they are the most important items to replenish and ensure the health of.

Now we come to the importance of eating foods that have not been processed, prepared, sprayed or genetically modified. The reason for this is simple. If you change what the earth has made for you to eat, your body no longer has the ability to properly break it down and dispose of it. Processed, prepared (before you buy it) and genetically modified foods are more harmful to all those little guys that line our digestive tract. These foods can literally knock down the populations of healthy bacteria by binding them up with food stuffs they are unable to digest. Then the bacteria die off at a quicker rate than they should and the bad ones waiting for their chance to thrive (opportunistic) take their place.
To make the best of your health, begin supplementation with probiotics and a healthy diet. There are many directions you can take and only a few that are most important. For an easy way to get started on diet change, Lifestyle Change Made Easy is available at It is a guidebook with alternative ingredients and enough recipes to feed a family with a variety of foods to keep meals interesting.

Jessica Smalls

Have personal experiences with incorporated  probiotics and/or unprocessed foods into your diet? Leave a message and tell us about it. 

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