This Sidekick needs his own Video Game Franchise

There are a ton of heroes out there that always get the girl or get all the glory. However behind that hero there is a little backup insurance policy that always ensures that they make it through the any and every ordeal. Now here is a sidekick that I think would be pretty cool to play as. He is inspirational and fun at the same time, I hope you enjoy this article. Enjoy!


Robin or Nightwing rather as we will refer to him, was Batman former sidekick the first Robin. He used to fight crime alongside the caped crusader but, since then went his own way and formed his own persona. He is great character and in my personal opinion a great hero in his own right. There would be many times that Batman wouldn’t have succeed if it wasn’t for the back up of Robin or in this case NightWing.

I really fell that we need someone to take over the Robin storyline and make a game that can take the story of Robin into his transformation of NightWing. I really think that there is potential for a new IP here and it could be every bit as nitty and gritty as Arkham Asylum or City. I understand that everyone would rather play as Batman as opposed to NightWing but hey, the little guys need some love too.

I mean there have been a lot of other really cool sidekicks that have gotten their own games at one point. Why should Nightwing be any different? If you don’t believe me, check out this video of NightWing in Batman. Here is a video of NightWing in Batman, tell us what you think!

Think about it sidekicks that have gotten their own video game franchises. You have Prinny who has  a couple of games on the PSP. Then there is also Clank the secret agent and than there is also Diddy Kong who has racing and his own adventure games. I think Robin needs to contact his agent to work out a deal with RockSteady to get him his own game. Well, what do you think?

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