Wii Physical Fitness Games For Kids

The Wii gaming system can help children to get up and get active! This article presents game suggestions for parents.

Video games in which a child just slumps in front of the television, glossing over into a haze are a thing of the past. A variety of Wii titles give children the ability to get up and move while playing a favorite video game. From dance themed games to sports based options, the Wii gaming system can provide kids with indoor exercise and physical activity time.

Video Games and Physical Fitness

Video games that encourage the player to move around are not an acceptable substitute for true physical fitness activities such as playing sports, running/jogging, dancing, skiing, or taking walks.

Instead, games (such as Wii ones) can help kids to supplement their daily exercise needs. There may be times when engaging in a physical activity such as running, biking, or playing a sport might not be possible. This is particularly true during the winter months or at times of extreme weather conditions. Using physical activity based video games is a great option for helping children to increase the amount of exercise time that they regularly participate in.

Choosing a Wii Game for Your Child’s Physical Fitness

When selecting a Wii game to promote physical activity or fitness, make sure to take the child’s age and interests into account. Some games may not be age appropriate in terms of visual and verbal material presented. Parents can use ratings from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) as a starting point. These ESRB ratings include:
·  EC: Early Childhood rated games that are appropriate for kids ages three and up.

  • E: Everyone rated games are generally appropriate for children of six years and up. Some games rated E may contain some violence.
  • E 10+: Everyone ten and over games are rated for children ten-years-old and over. Some games in this category may contain violence, mild inappropriate language, or inappropriate themes.
  • T: Teen rated games are appropriate for children 13 and over.
  • M: Mature games are intended for those over 17 years of age.
  • AO: Adult Only rated games are just that. This category is reserved for games that are appropriate for adults over 18 years old.Although ESRB ratings can help a parent to choose an appropriate Wii game based on age, that game may not necessarily appeal to the child. Parents should consider the child’s specific interests. This will help the child to engage in the gaming activity.

There are a variety of physical fitness and activity based games for the Wii gaming platform. Parents can begin the selection process by assessing their child’s interests. For example, a child who enjoys her weekly dance class may do best with a dance based video game.

Wii Dance Games

Dance based video games are a perfect fit for any dance lover, young or old. Kids may enjoy these titles:

  • Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves (rated E10+): Kids can dance to 40 classic songs from Disney.
  • Just Dance (rated E10+): Great for older kids that want a workout/dance combination. Dance
  • Dance Revolution (rated E10+): Choose from the Hottest Party 1, 2, or 3, and dance to favorite tunes.
  • Dancing With the Stars (rated E10+): Kids who love the television show are sure to enjoy this dancing game.

Outdoor Active Wii Games for Kids

Outdoor sports enthusiasts can get active with these games.

  • Active Life Outdoor Challenge (rated E): Kids can engage in activities such as log jumping, river rafting, jump rope, and much more.
  • Active Life Extreme Challenge (rated E): Extreme kid will enjoy these fitness challenges. This game includes kite surfing, BMX, rock climbing, street luge, and more.
  • Wii Sports Resort (rated E): A variety of fun games that can be played with or without the Wii MotionPlus.

Kids’ Sports Video Games

Soccer or skiing season may be over, but that does not mean kids have to forgo their favorite sports. These Wii titles offer multiple games for the sports enthusiast.

  • Wii Sports (rated E): Try baseball, bowling, boxing, golf, or tennis.
  • Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage (rated E) or Road Trip (E10+): Winter Olympics fans will have a blast with this snowboarding game based on the gold medalist. This game can be used with the Wii balance board.
  • Mario Super Sluggers (rated E): Throw and bat in this game that is great for the young baseball player.
  • Deca Sports (rated E): Kids can play soccer, beach volleyball, and other fun active games.

Although video games are not a substitute for physical activity and exercise, kids can get up and move around while playing one of many different Wii titles. Parents can guide children through the selection process based on the child’s age, game rating, and interest. Children can dance, snowboard, and much more through the magic of Wii.


Entertainment Software Rating Board. Game Ratings and Descriptor Guide

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