My Super Game
by Nic Furlong on November 15, 2011 at 02:30 PM EDT

My Super Game

For years I have been brainstorming what the perfect game would be for me. A game that had everything I loved from the games I’ve played over the years, all merged into one. A Super Game.

I grew up playing all the classics such as Mario and Sim City, then as time progressed, I got into WoW and Call of Duty. I have taken all the things that I loved about these games and put together a base for a super game that I would love to see one day in the future.

The game would start you off as a single entity (something akin to spores). from there you would start the process of your character customization and eventually evolve into something greater and more human-like as time progressed. You would eventually have to seek out shelter and begin to take care of yourself. Food, shelter and warmth would be a top priority at the start. Eventually would evolve more and more and begin to establish your own community/village and grow it into a town or city like sim city. The ability to build would be totally up to you, and you would be free to build structures as you see fit with a system similar to that founding mine craft.

The game would start off with a barter type system, but as time and technology progresses currency would be established and various ways to make money would be available. Selling off goods, providing services, even doing odd jobs for other players would be ways to turn a buck in the game. (Kind of like doing missions in your role playing games, but the missions would be provided by other players.)

The game would be multiplayer, so you would soon have to learn to defend yourself from the attacks of evil players and work with other players to form alliances to ensure your survival. Not to mention you would have to worry about fending off attacks from wildlife or NPC’s that may come across your path.

Your main character would be a level player that would never end leveling/building attributes. He would have stats similar to that of most RPGs and the interaction among players would be like that of which you see in World of Warcraft. As you gain experience you decide what path that your player takes. Whether it be a tyrant who seeks world domination or a simple farmer as found in Farmville.

Most importantly to me there would have to be a first person shooter aspect to it. Obviously any world is going to have its wars to fight. So it would make sense that your character would have to enlist to serve its nation. You could lead your own army in the frontlines of war, or offer up your services to the nation of your choice. As technology develops in your world, the introduction to armed vehicles, helicopters and jets become available.

Unfortunately I don’t think a game of this magnitude will be available for some time, and if it were possible in the future, I’m not sure whether or not it would be a good idea. I mean, just look at how many souls have been lost to world of WarCraft, I can’t imagine what a game like this would do. It is essentially a game based off of life but without the worry of death, humiliation, and restraint.


What would your super game include? Do you think this type of game would even be possible?
Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Gregory Laporte

    great game!

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