Amy Hennig’s Unfinished Work Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Series
by Antwand Pearman on November 4, 2011 at 12:02 PM EDT

Truth be told the fans of the series need to reach out to Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic’s about this. Only issue is that it might result in a reboot of the series rather than a continuation of it. Hopefully they can use Amy as a consult for what ever they decided to do with the series. I now ask fans to share your thoughts with us about the legend of Kain series.

In doing research for this article I came across a comment that I found quite amusing

Glass Joe - “I know, it really does suck. And could she have picked a place more shitty than Naughty Dog? The only thing they do is Jak and Daxter. Hardly a place where here talent will shine.” - Original Source

This show’s that you can never judge a book by the cover. Naughty Dog proves that they can make great judgement calls. They choice a great person to write and direct their games.

Good News, Before posting this article Amy had the chance to see this video. She emailed me back and out of respect. I will not be able to discuss the conversation with you. Still I will note that she is grateful to all of her fans, and loves the video.

Leave your comments below!

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  • BlackBible

    Thank you Amy for reaching out to us!

  • OxangelzicexO

    A spinoff series would do us great Justice Amy please we need this game

  • Vashlion

    I really hope this happens. I loved the series, and as much as I understand the ‘leaving it to your imagination approach’, as an artist I want to see Amy’s ending that was imagined. 

  • Gregory Laporte

    I remember playing this game when i was younger i would love another game Amy make it happen!

  • Tim Otheus


  • Joe

    I wish they would make a game maybe it could happen quicker if she can get Naughty Dog to buy the rights and finish or reboot the series.

    • DonMingos

      That would be so perfect… If that was the case, I would not want one game to close up the series, but a lot more LOK: SR games, and if posible, never end it…

  • Radimusairfunk

    I love LoK, and have been hoping in spite af apparent realities that we will someday see both a conclusion and an HD collection of (in my opinion) the greatest video game story of all time and the games that MADE me a gamer!

  • Ajserverus

    Gaming needs series like these. PLayed the five of them for Halloween, my heart broke in shame, this gen is great gameplay-wise, but we haven’t had narratives like these in years.
    And no, Uncharted is not even near

  • King Of Nosgoth

    This series is what made gaming special for me and when it finished I lost interest in gaming and now just play occasionally. So few other series even get close. Without meaning to shove my opinion down everyone else, that “few” that do achieve something special in terms of all of the LOK boxes to tick of atmosphere, rich text, visual depth and interesting gameplay would be (in their own way in every case): Shadowman 1 & 2, Wrath Unleashed, Magic The Gathering Battlemage, Draken the Ancient Gates, and Transformers (’04). But LOK is tops, for sure. I feel that not having the ending is no doubt causing some universal cataclysm and that paradise and peace will only be found in the universe once the ending is known!! (Thats a little attempt at humour). I do believe this…if its not going to be done well with quality,
    please do not do it. An animae LOK or a LOK with cheap uncultured
    voiceovers etc will do more harm then good. Seriously, this series is special. It makes you feel something special. Its not just a product or just a series (albiet a good one), its a “one of those things in life that makes life worth living” type of game. It is a game that you truely appreciate and it becomes a part of your soul. So, Amy Hennig, Square Enix, whoever else with the strings to pull here, lets complete the series and make some souls feel complete here.

  • DonMingos

    please make this happen, naughty dog, crystal dinamics, don’t care who… Just make this happen… If posible, this generation… And of course, directed by Amy Hennig

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