Great Games For The Casual Gamer

Note: These are titles that the author would suggest to a casual gamer. The titles reflected here are his own suggestions and are not by any means a top list or top ten games list. Please take that into consideration when reading. Enjoy!

Most people classify causal Gamers as a person who plays videos every few days for about a couple of hours of week according to some survey standards. Here are a few of the games that casuals should give a rent or at least try because it may brighten their gaming horizon.

#1 Uncharted Series

The best way to explain this gamer to a casual gamer is to compare it to a modern day Indiana jones. If you like Indiana Jones films than they will definitely love this game. It has the Cinematic production that may be better than most Hollywood blockbusters and the story to back it. Uncharted is a great experience that you can enjoy with a love one and your family. The main character in the game is great and he always seems to find his way into trouble with his boyish charm.

#2 Ratchet and Clank Future Series

This series is a personal favorite of yours truly. Ratchet and clank is a franchise that has great gameplay and awesome hilarity all packed into one. The game features some the best cartoon made characters that you would ever imagine. All for one is out now and you can definitely find a lot of enjoyment out of it. With four player multiplayer you can definitely have some fun with your friends and family. All 4 one is a purchase in my opinion and if All 4 One isn’t your thing than you can check out A Crack in Time and Tools of Destruction. Those are also great titles.

#3 Gears of War Series

Cliffy B and the epic games posse recently released the third game in the Gears franchise which you can read all about in our review here. If you’re a causal gamer and you haven’t played any type of shooter game, I suggest that you definitely check this Game out. I loved Gears 1 and 2 but this game was a really touching game with a good story and great simple gameplay. If that’s not your thing however, the online hoard modes in Gears 3 are very fun to play. If you’re a causal gaming Guy and you love Epic Bro War films than this is for you. These guys are brothers to the end.

#4 Batman Series

To be perfectly honest, who doesn’t like the caped crusader? He’s been kicking butts and taking names ever since he was first introduced into the comic world. He is an icon against crime and a beacon of hope for people. If you’ve got kids that love Batman or if you yourself are a fan, than check out Batman: Arkham Asylum or Arkham City you won’t be disappointed.

Even the Guinness book of world records says that Batman: AS is highest rated superhero game ever. That means fans and children dreams have come true. Arkham city is great just check this interview.

#5 Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise is a great racing game. It’s not a racing simulation game like Forza or Grand Turismo but, an arcade style racer with fast cars and racing/crashing action. This game can change people’s mind about whether or not they like racing games. It’s also really fun to play the online modes for races, events, and all that good stuff. You can even crash your friends and if they have a PS Eye camera you can get a picture of their reaction. It’s a really fun game.

#6 Castlevania Lords of Shadows

Castlevania is a great franchise with a huge following. It was great when it was on the Nes, I knew lots of people that loved the game and they weren’t the most hardcore of people that you would assume played videogames.

#7 Splinter Cell Series

If you’re a casual gamer and you love watching espionage movies like James bond or Mission Impossible. Then I suggest you take into consideration Sam Fisher and his story. It’s an interesting and deep storyline that people may enjoy if they are into this sort of thing.

#8 NBA 2K Franchise

Now if you’re a fan of the NBA and are saddened that you haven’t gotten your fix due to the lockout, get this game now! You won’t be disappointed. The game is everything you could want in a basketball simulator. This game is absolutely great for basketball fans. I really enjoyed the game and if you don’t believe you can read my review on the game here. This game has everything you could want in a basketball game and more.

#9 Disneyland Kinect

Now I know many people are going to disagree with me here, but I have to say that Disneyland Kinect is a game that I deeply and truly want. The game is a poor man’s Disneyland. This game is a lot of fun and if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch or see any footage on it, watch this video of BB playing the game. It’s posted above and it’s really funny.

#10 Rage

Recently, I got to review rage for the Xbox 360 and I have to say that although this game is being met with much scrutiny on the PC. It’s a game that I would definitely recommend. I really enjoyed my time spent with the game and it has some pretty fun multiplayer with it. The game looks wonderful and if you’re a fan of old deserts and first person shooters with RPG elements than this is a title you might want to pick up.

#11 Borderlands

I just had to mention Borderlands because mentioning Rage and not the latter would discredit all I have done as a gamer. Gearbox software is the studio behind Borderlands and the recently announced borderlands 2. If you’re a fan of questing, leveling up, and improving your skills exponentially with tons of upgrades, this is the title for you to get. I really enjoyed this game on the PS3 and I spent tons of times with my friends doing missions and ranking up. The guns are insane and difficulty was no joke.

Finally, all the games I have mentioned above are awesome. I have loved every single game in some way, shape, or form. Many of these titles are exclusive, but there are others that are multiplatform like Borderlands, Batman, Rage, etc… If you haven’t gotten a chance to play any of these titles what’s the matter with you?! Grab one of them now! If you have any suggestions that you would give a causal gamer, please let us know!

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