Living A healthier lifestyle in 2011

Living A healthier lifestyle in 2011- Antoinette Padilla

Staying fit is a must in 2011. It only takes time and a goal set to get in shape. All you need is 30-45 minutes set aside to get you started. Shoot for 3-4 times a week as a daily fitness regime. Put variety in your fitness plan. Use cardiovascular machines like the tread mill and bike to help build your heart and prevent heart diseases. Don’t be shy hit the weights. Weight training helps build strong muscles but it also helps build strong bones, ligaments, and joints. Weight training aids in the prevention of postual dysfunction and burns body fat. Well we can’t forget about eating right. Here is the trick you have to eat to lose weight and eat to gain weight. “FOOD IS FUEL FOR ENERGY” you have to have calories to burn in order to lose or gain weight plain and simple no gimmicks. Change your eating habits. Nutrition plays an important role in your fitness plan. Now the key is staying motivated to making steps and changes to live a healthier lifestyle. Why not grab a friend or have a circle of friends for mural support. Right? Now we all are fans of Tae Bo get your official workout on with Billy Blanks. If that does not work maybe you are in need of a fitness professional. YOU HEARD IT RIGHT A PERSONAL TRAINER. A personal Ttrainer will design a fitness plan tailored to reach your fitness goals. Your personal trainer will motivate you and keep you focused on your fitness goals. It does not matter what you decide the point is you need a change for the new year and for a new you. We want to look great and feel great.

Antoinette Padilla

Extreme Fitness & Nutrition Inc.

“Building Strong Minds While Building Strong Bodies”

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About Antoinette Padilla

Antoinette Padilla is Certified Personal Trainer, Semi- Professional Athlete, Fitness Model and Certified Track Coach. Her passion is to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys helping you reach your fitness goals. Extreme Fitness & Nutrition is here to get you results. She is the CEO and Founder of Extreme Fitness & Nutrition.