Super Mario 3D Land Event in Time Square

On November 13th Nintendo is officially releasing the highly anticipated game Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS. On November 12th, Nintendo visited Military Island in Time Square to give fans a chance to score an early copy of the game before anyone else in the country. Selling the game was Toys R Us. For 2 hours straight, from 12 noon to 2pm, Nintendo fans had their dreams come true. Gathered around for hours, fans got to see a show of performers in Super Mario attire do flips and tricks on a giant scale version of a Super Mario level. There was everything from giant goombas to giant fire plants and even a giant 3DS! The performers bounced off cleverly place trampolines with speakers attached to the bottom of them. When someone would jump on it, a leaping sound from the Mario game would go off giving the illusion that they actually were Mario.

After the parade of Super Marios, it was time for the fans got a chance to jump around in Super Mario Land. Kids and adults of all ages enjoyed the trampolines, giant sculptures and even giant slide. Staff at the event were handing out Super Mario ears and tails, so you could get a chance to actually feel like Mario yourself. There was also a pizza truck handing out free mushroom pizza to the public as they waited on line. When time came for fans to purchase the game, Toy R Us escorted the VIP line to the video game section. Inside there were staff members with 3DS’s that would let you test out the game even before purchase.

Super Mario fans went home happy. Having the chance to act like Mario, dress like Mario, and get an advance copy of the game they were looking forward to, not a sad face was seen at Military Island.

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