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This week I came across the video below.  I am using this video to invite your questions on any subject that interests you.

A Wake-Up Story from Healthy Child Healthy World on Vimeo.

I have always searched for information that I can share with others.  I strive to be the ‘friend’ mentioned in the video.  If you find yourself wondering about anything related to yours or your children’s well-being, please ask me via email or in response on this site.  I will respond to all inquiries personally and ‘chosen ones’ will be featured in my weekly articles.

This week I want to share with you, the products I use in my home.

Our diet consists of raw and cooked foods.  I use the Paderno Spiral Slicer to make homemade potato chips, raw vegetable pasta, and to quickly slice any vegetable or fruit.  You can even make curly fries!!  Now, I believe if you can use healthy ingredients you get to have whatever you want, as long as you don’t deep fry it (because deep frying creates trans-fats out of vegetable oils, and reusing the oil is where it affects you).

We also use a blender, citrus juicer, electric mixer, food processor, bread machine, crock pot, roaster oven, toaster,coffee grinder, oven and range, and fridge.  We are a bit on the minimalist side…I mean, we have no microwave (microwaves “zap” all the goodness out of everything, effectively rendering it useless except as filler), we do not utilize television services.  In fact, until recently, our exposure to any kind of television only existed at other’s homes (with the exception of movie nights…we do own a tv).  We use no air conditioning, because we believe our comfort is not the most important thing.  I laboured for 16 hours with my youngest on the hottest day of the year!  It was 32 degrees INSIDE my house and upwards of 40 degrees outside.  I loved every minute of it :)

We have no coffee maker because we use a french press, or an outback espresso maker.  We do plan to pick up more things, like this sprouter system from sproutpeople, as well as this juicer.

The personal care products we use are from the green beaver company.  They are Canadian and they utilize only safe ingredients.  It’s where I get my gluten-free hair products.  Yes, gluten IS in EVERYTHING!!  Have a read of this page for harmful ingredients found in personal care products and read your labels.  It is also where I found a great sunblock for my children, deoderant (not anti-perspirant….the idea of stopping a natural bodily function is what we are trying to end here), body wash, and lip protection.

For colds, dietary support and anything else that can happen in our physical body, we utilize Nature’s Sunshine Products of Canada.  They have over 200 health products, the majority of which are vitamins and herbs.  They do have some very unique products as well, and if you want to know about anything in particular, just email me.  I study herbalism, and if I don’t already know the answer, I will find it.

Oh, and we have a vcr (we like to kick it old school), and a PS2.  My husband is the gamer….I was recently made aware that I am a peripheral gamer…I enjoy wii and rock band, and systems like that.  However, I lack these systems in my life, so I can only say I play occasionally…because it’s only at my friend’s places :)

For any other healing we need, like when my oldest daughter bumps her head or when she is really upset and needs my help, we use Energy.  We utilize this always when we require emotional healing, or we are sending our love to others, for example, a good friend has cancer and is battling pretty hard, so we send him our loving and healing intentions (the same idea as prayer, including physical movement and visualization).

So this is me.  Your researcher awaits her next project :)


Ask your related questions in the comments below!

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