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Gamer Workouts: My Body Is Ready (Intermediate)

Written by on December 21, 2011
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My Body Is Ready!

What’s going on Nation!? As January approaches we want to make sure everyone is ready to take their fitness to the next level! Many of you will be setting your goals high for your New Year’s resolutions, but I want to make sure your bodies are ready for the intense work that is going to lay ahead! This routine will focus on your overall muscular endurance and functionality and really burn up some extra calories as well! Now let’s get started!

This routine will consist of a Warm-Up, Workout, & Cool-Down.

Sets & reps will change per exercise
Complete the routine as fast as you can!

(0:14)- Workout Overview
(0:42)- Routine Sets & Reps

(0:58)- Warm-Up! - 4 exercises - Complete each exercise for 1 set
(1:03)- Arm Circles (10 forward/10 backwards)
(1:37)- Walking Quad Stretch (10 per side)
(2:07)- Hip Flexor stretch (60 seconds per side)
(3:22)- Floor wipers (5 per side)

(4:26)- Water Break!

(4:28)- Workout! - 5 exercises - 5 circuits AFAP (As Fast As Possible)
(4:49)- Push-Up Pulls (PUPs) (5 per side)
(5:47)- Starter Butt-Kicks (10 per side)
(6:28)- Negative Leg Raise (10 reps)
(8:08)- Lateral Jump (5 per side)
(9:04)- High Knees (10 per side)

(10:07)- Water Break!

(10:10)- Cool Down! - 4 exercises - Complete each exercise for 1 set
(10:22)- Jumping Jack (10 reps)
(10:46)- Inch Worm (10 reps)
(11:35)- Floor Tuck (60 seconds)
(12:05)- Stationary Side-Lunge Stretch (60 seconds per side)

My Body Is Ready!

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