GamerFitNation’s Hottest Articles Of The Week December 4th

Hey everyone and welcome back to our December 4th edition of our hottest articles of the week. Many of you may have noticed that last week we didn’t have a hottest articles of the week and that was due to the thanksgiving holiday. I hope you all ate healthy and shopped heavily. Now that we are fresh into this cold month, let’s move onto the hottest picks in gaming this week.

As much as I know you all love to watch the video accompanied with the article as I do every week, this week there will be no video as I am feeling a little under the weather.  It must be something to do with the climate change. Don’t fret though, some chicken soup and some OJ and I’ll be ready for next weekend. Enjoy the articles I chose this week and by all means feel free to drop your links to entertaining articles you found this week! Enjoy! J

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