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Meet the Leads of The Last of Us

Written by on December 11, 2011
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Recently, Naughty Dog Developer @jmpaul tweeted out who the new leads are of the newly announced PlayStation 3 Exclusive Last of Us. It seems that Miss Ashley Johnson @thevulcansalute will be playing the female lead in the game. If you have ever watched the movie What women want with Mel Gibson you may remember Ashley Johnson as Gibson’s distant daughter in the Film. Here is the tweet verbatim “The two leads of #thelastofus are played by Troy Baker and@TheVulcanSalute. You’ll be hearing from them pretty soon. via @Neil_Druckmann” ~via Twitter

AshleyJohnson is playing Ellie in the Last of Us


 Troy Baker is playing the male lead. You may know Troy Baker as the voice of Harvey Dent in the Batman: Arkham City. The same Batman game that recently received several awards at the VGA’s just yesterday.

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