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My Most Anticipated Games of 2012 Part 1

Written by on December 28, 2011
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Editor’s Note: This is Part 1 of the anticipated games of 2012 that will be releasing next year. I will be posting part 2 and 3 at a later date this week, so stay tuned for that! Enjoy! Remember all games are subject to release in 2012 unless delayed or cancelled until a later date.

November or Brokevember/Christmas as I like to call it, has pretty much passed and we have seen a ton of great titles release this holiday season from Uncharted 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Batman: AC, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The list could go on and on about all of the great titles that have been released in the past couple of months. I know the abuse personally because after a few collectors’ editions, PSN titles, and Xbox live titles, my wallet has been ravaged. However, when I thought about how much time I was going to have to allow my wallet to recover, I realized something. There isn’t much time for that to happen. Read below to find out what titles are going to put your account in the negative!

Title: Final Fantasy XIII-2 360/PS3

Reason: Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIII a couple of years ago and many gamers were split on it. Some people loved the linearity of the game, while others including yours truly who felt that the game took too long to get into the full aspect of exploration. Now with Final Fantasy XIII-2 they have updated the game tremendously and added in a ton of new features that has gotten a few people really excited, including yours truly.

The new feature that I am looking forward to in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the new time travel aspect that they have added into this game. There are also towns something which was missing in the previous title, which is really a staple in the franchise. Most people love the exploration in Final Fantasy games and bringing this back is making this game really appealing to fans. My hype for this game rose dramatically when the recent famitsu reviews gave the title a perfect score. Even though it’s a Japan magazine this is something that I have to say is very promising to me and after all of the trailers, screens, and in-game footage I’ve seen, I have to say my anticipation has risen greatly for this title.

Release date:  January 31st

Title: Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning

Reason: The new RPG title from Curt Schilling’s 38 studios and Big Huge Games is really shaping up to be something truly special. This game has really been on my radar since it’s been getting a lot of well-known talent behind it that have been known to produce great projects. The art is being done by Todd McFarlane who everybody knows as the creator of spawn. His art is legendary and it really shows through the footage that we have seen thus far. Like most games however, the one aspect that I will say about this title that I want people to know is this, I believe Kingdom of Amalur will give Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dark Souls a run for their money in all aspects. I really feel that based on what I’ve seen from this game, it has the potential to become something really big. That’s up for debate, so if you want to discuss, let’s do it. I’m ready when you are.

Lastly, what will make this game one of the top RPG’s next year is that I really believe it’s going to have a really intriguing storyline unlike no other. It should be great considering how R.A. Salvatore is a New York Times best-selling author. So even if he is not directly affiliated into the story he will have a hand in how it pans out. Ken Rolston is a name that many players of Oblivion and Morrowind know all too well. He is one of the minds behind this title and that maintains a lot of hope for me personally to see what he can create with a brand new IP.

Release date: February 7th

Title: Silent Hill Collection

Reason: Ever since I was in junior high, Silent hill always terrified me. I could never get the courage to play the game and experience it like everyone else before me had. Now Konami is turning the game into a HD collection and it seems that now is the best time for me to man up and pick up this great horror game. If you are a fan of this great horror franchise than I suggest you also pick up this great title, when it is available. It’s in everyone’s best interest because with the new Silent hill downpour coming out, you may want to build up your terror tolerance.

This also helps to build up the anticipation for fans of the upcoming title that I just mentioned. If you haven’t gotten a chance to brush up on the franchise than I suggest you keep this collection on your radar.

Release date: January 24th

Title: Asura’s Wrath

Reason: There are several reasons to get hyped for Asura’s wrath. A man that gets stronger the madder he gets is absolutely insane. The combat in the game looks great and there are some parts from what I have seen personally that will make your jaw drop. A second reason that you will want to keep this title in the back of your consciousness is due in part that it is a new IP from Capcom. Even though Capcom has been known to do certain business practices to upset their fans, this new idea seems like a step into the right direction.

The story in the game looks very unique and feels very original. It’s something that I feel all gamers are going to really enjoy when they get a chance to get their hands on it. Anger, combat, and an epic story mixed with crazy events makes for a great game.

Release date: February 21st

Title: Darkness II

Reason: The sequel to 2k games’ hit The Darkness is returning in a crazy way. If you have gotten a chance to see the game at Pax Prime/East or Comic Con you will know that this is a great title that has a very unique style to it. The game also features great and gory ways to destroy enemies. The game features great quad wielding that can be used. This allows you to destroy people with the choice and way of your choosing. When it comes to a first person title such as this one, I really look forward to the story in it.

I have high hopes for this game as it is showing me a lot of promise. What really has me sold on the game is what I mentioned above, quad wielding man! I’m a fan of any game that allows me to hold more than one gun and shoot multiple targets at once.

Release date: February 7th

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  • Gregory Laporte

    what else is everyone else looking forward to!

  • sk8er dude

    binary domain , max payne 3 , hitman absolution , tomb raider, dragons dogma , risen 2 , kingdoms of amular the reckoning , ssx  

  • sk8er dude

    binary domain , max payne 3 , hitman absolution , tomb raider, dragons dogma , risen 2 , kingdoms of amular the reckoning , ssx, inversion , prey 2  

  • Ger

    none of those games interest me

    • Gregory Laporte

      Thats understandable, hopefully part two will hold more interesting games for you. 

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