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StarHawk Interview with Producer Harvard Bonin

Written by on December 13, 2011
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In Warhawk the saying was “He who ruled the Sky ruled the World” but in StarHawk “He who rules the Ground rules the Sky” -BlackBible (Ace Warhawk Pilot)

Let me make this clear, I don’t feel that Starhawk and Warhawk should be exactly the same. At the same time I do feel that some aspects of Warhawk should be infused into Starhawk. As you may know two key aspects of Warhawk’s flight mechanic were taken away from StarHawk. One was “Hover mode”, though simple, it gave you the ability to dictate ground enemies movements making it difficult for them to do much. It was replaced with a really cool ability that turns your StarHawk into a mobile suit mech. Though this is a super cool option it also make’s you more vulnerable to ground forces.

Another issue is that fact that you can no longer start the round by running to the nearest StarHawk and taking off to the air, which was the case in Warhawk. Though these 2 issues may seem small, they drastically change the game. Still, I kind of understand why it was necessary since before in Warhawk, ground really had no chance against people that ruled the air. I feel that though it’s a bit of a learning curve this help increase the feel and gameplay value of the game. Even so as a pilot I have to admit it affect’s my style of play and I would like in some way for it to be adjusted. Why? Because what’s the point of having air combat if the focus is on the ground. If that’s the case instead of StarHawk let’s call it “Ground Hog” Still, you may not agree with me and I ask you to share your thoughts on this issue.

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  • Hannitysucks

    My thoughts on the matter are that you *seriously* need to take a fifth grade writing course.

    “make’s [sic] you more venerable to ground forces”? Perhaps you meant “vulnerable?”

    “effect’s my style”… no, “Affects” your style.

    • BlackBible

      I’m glad you made this suggestion is the school you went to for the special & gifted still accepting?

      I love a good ribbing :-)

      • The Real Deal

        I want warhawk 2 - period.

        • BlackBible

          LOL I understand man, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.  

  • wtf

    whats your psn, since you claim to be so good in warhawk

    • BlackBible

      My name is “BLACKBIBLE” I’m retired man, 

      • wtf

        never heard of you, so how was you a beast pilot?

        • BlackBible

          1st I believe you meant to spell “Best” not “Beast”, 2nd I haven’t played WarHawk for years, I was in Warhawk Since 2007 Game Start Date. That’s even before the Infamous Update that whipped everyones status. Check the Warhawk PS Forums for my name “BlackBible” Now I’m retired from that game but I have no issue jumping on to take you out.

           >:) One last thing thanks for making a Vet like me feel that “Old Killing Feeling again”  Been a long since I got that feeling in Warhawk. Actually I won’t jump on I can’t let you young “whipper Snappers” Try to take me out. FInd me in “StarHawk”

  • Crimsontowerone

    Good interview, Blackbible. I respect the fact that you are actually out there chasing a dream rather than criticizing others trying. 

    • BlackBible

      Yup, I got no time to hate on others. Plus I don’t want to be better than anybody, I just want us to succeed. 

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