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True Gamer of the Week: James C Burns

Written by on December 22, 2011
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GamerFitNation Presents James C Burns as True Gamer of the Week.

James tells us about himself. Wow, where to start.  I played & coached Ice Hockey as a profession for about 15 years. Began to focus solely on an acting career  in 2004 and since that time I have been fortunate enough to have appeared in hundreds of Film, TV and Commercial projects. On the Gamer side of things most people know me as Sgt. Frank Woods from Call Of Duty: Black Ops.  A role that has opened my eyes to the vast and diverse landscape that the gaming community is.  I love meeting fans and haters alike, I love the loyalty, the enthusiasm, and the tremendous commitment of this group.  As for my VG skills?…. I absolutely suck. NO joke…I have no skill on a controller what so ever.  BUT..I love watching people play,  I do some commentary “cus” I’m a bit of a smart a**…but I love being a spectator.  My on-line activity is more about commerce, with my acting/creative skills as the product.

I like to be hands-on with my social media, which means I build and maintain my website, YouTube channel, Facebook, twitter and such.  Now, to people under forty this might seem trivial, but for those of us who did not grow up in the computer world it is MASSIVE…I take my victories wherever I can.

I tried to use a third party, like a PR firm or a social media consultant, but what I found was that I still had to do most of the work.  So I sat my a** down and figured out how to use the programs…I like the independence. On average I spend about 4 hours a day, It’s not unusual for me to do a couple of 12 hour sessions in a row.  Depending upon my schedule and type of project I might not see the outdoors for days on end.

I use my website to promote the projects I am working on.  This includes upcoming films, live appearances, and news.  I also have demo footage and professional information for acting purposes.  Starting in Jan. 2012, I will have a Comic Book published.  It is called “REDACTED”.    An action story that tracks the lives and events of a SOG commando team during the Vietnam war.  Based more than loosely on Black Ops.   This is the result of the MISSION BLOG I started back in 2010, which was basically SGT. FRANK WOODS tweeting mission details live from the Vietnam war.  Imagine Woods has an iPhone in 1965 and tweets his pix and command journal twice a day.

Since I had so much background research that I did for the role of WOODS, and there were so many great stories and images that I decided I wanted to expand on the Black Ops theme and show the experience from WOODS POV….cause he is such a bada**….(I might be biased).  I joined forces with a talented comic veteran named TODD IRELAND and now were going to ink and expect to roll out issue 1 sometime in Jan. of 2012.

My website is                

YOUTUBE channel               jamescburns123


Woods Facebook         

Burns Facebook          

Gaming systems Owned: XBOX 360

The game that sparked your interest in Gaming: Mario Bros….1989….

What keeps you gaming: The awesome narratives that are emerging, epic heroic stories.  And I need the work.

Workout regimen and eating habits: I try to train daily.  Moving solves a lot of problems.  I still like to play hockey, my ego wants me to be “GOOD”…so I use it as motivation.  Vanity is a great slave, lousy master.  My workout of choice is the stationary bike, 25-30 minutes a day, with a 30-minute session of light weights, some yoga elements, some tai chi elements, maybe some tumbling.  I varies on my mood and energy level, some days I feel like a slug so I act like it…but still do something to get my heart rate up.  I try to hike a hill, ride or rollerblade once or twice a week.  Of course when I’m on a film the routine all goes to hell.

Diet… Haha… I TRY…again …I TRY not to eat after 8pm…I seem to wake up easier when I don’t eat late.  I eat everything…just not a lot.  Never a whole meal…I eat often during the day. Small amounts…a piece of toast, a banana for breakfast.  I like black licorice…will indulge a piece once or twice a day.  LOVE grilled cheese…I usually split with a friend or I take half home…again…all things in moderation. I try to treat food as fuel and avoid making eating part of a business meeting.  REALLLY hard to do.

I don’t drink or smoke, and not into drugs.

Advice to gamers who are struggling with weight issues: Be kind to yourselves, be fierce in your discipline.  MOVE…start slow, build a habit.  Do a little every day… even just five minutes of walking or jumping or just move your arms and legs in circles.  It will lead to more of it.   AND CHEW your goddamn food!!!  Seriously,  once I got the habit of actually paying attention to the chewing a lot of “FOOD ISSUES” went away.

Health wise what are you goals: To keep active and loose until game over.  I’m lucky, some habit s have really ingrained themselves in me so it’s not that big a struggle to stay fit.  But one week of bad choices and it’s a greased slide chute feeling like crap again.

Opinion on Health and Gaming: They are not mutually exclusive,  if you have the discipline  to master a PSP you have the discipline to be fit.  I think sucking oxygen in and getting a good sweat once a day for 30 or 40 minutes will increase ones skill level, improve focus and make me basically sharper.  There is a reason the US Military and Most professional sports team have games on base and in locker rooms…helps to develop and eye and reaction skills…wannabe a better bada**…get fit.

Opinion on the current motion technology: I LOOOOVE it….eventually super noobs like me will be able point a weapon at something and actually hit it.  Gives more people access to games who wouldn’t normally have the time to acquire the skill on a controller. COOOl.

GamerFitNation would like to thank James for letting us into his world. Welcome to the club! 

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