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Which Videogame Character Would Make a Good Fitness trainer?

Written by on December 9, 2011
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Fitness games are the new craze and we at GamerFitNation are proud of it. Health is being brought to the forefront and it is something that every gamer should be aware of. This brings me to my article of today. Which video game character would be a great fitness trainer? There are tons of athletic characters out there, some artificially enhanced and others that are just your thoroughbred character no matter what.

The ideal video game trainer for any gamer would be someone that that can run, jump, and has the muscle endurance to train you very rigorously. That is why I want to say that Mario would make a great fitness trainer. Don’t let his body shape twist your mind. He is quite possibly one of the most physically underrated characters of our generation.

The other character that I feel would also make a great fitness trainer for gamers is Sonic the hedgehog. This blue speed demon would be a great track coach and he has proven throughout the years to Eggman or Dr. Robotnik as many people may know him as. This man fails day in and day out against one of the fastest track runners the world has ever seen. Sonic is a lean mean, blue, running machine. His speed is unparalled only to the Super Hero flash.

If you haven’t noticed the trend between the two characters and why they are great candidates for fitness trainers than you must be living under a rock. The connection here is that they are both Olympians. Each has participated in the Mario and Sonic Olympic games which are some of the best titles to play for the Wii.  Sonic is probably the best track runner the world has ever seen in a while. While Mario is an all around athlete.

In my closing remarks I want to state why I feel Mario or Sonic are great picks for fitness trainers. These two are great picks for fitness trainers because there endurance speaks for them. Yea sure Mario might have a little belly and sonic might not be able to lift that much weight. What we do know is that there is some athleticism in both characters and the drive to push others further. They are heroes and if you need some heroic training you can ask them!

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