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Wii Love to Play

Written by on December 10, 2011
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The little girl in the black was soooo mad it was funny.

This past week we talked about love.  I love asking kids questions that adults make the answers so difficult. The question was “What is love?” Responses: An action word, four letters, a feeling, caring, my boyfriend (from a third grader… I thought boys still had cooties as that age), something you show, a heart.

The next question was “Who do you love?” Of course they said their toys, parents, siblings, games, and then one answer stuck with me. Life. From a fourth grader, that meant more to me than anything. We went on to talk about how to show love. So I told him I loved them so much that we were going to play wii today.

It cracks me up every time we play, the same ones think they are the best at every sport. We played Wii Sports this week. They were so serious about bowling it wasn’t even funny. Controllers swinging, tempers rising, people losing, and trash talking equals a great time for them. The older kids were playing with the little kids. I miss fun days like this, but hopefully we will get many more of these to come.

They wouldn't let me show them how it was done, because they didn't want to lose to girl.

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