New Images and Features Revealed For FIFA 13
by Alfredo López Editor GFN, LA West Coast on May 18, 2012 at 12:11 PM EDT

Producers at EA Canada have released the latest news on FIFA 13, and so far it’s good. EA Canada have announced that they’ll be introducing a new Attacking Intelligence feature, Complete Dribbling, FIFA 13 1st Touch Control, Player Impact Engine (2nd generation), and FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks! So what exactly does this all mean and how will it be different to FIFA 12? Let’s have a quick look at how these improvements will change your FIFA gaming experience.

Attacking Intelligence
This feature was inspired by the world’s best player-Lionel Messi. It gives players the ability to analyze space around them so they can break down the defense and stay two plays ahead.

This feature should be nothing but amazing for playmakers. Attacking Intelligence will make FIFA more interesting for online play because in soccer there are two kinds of players, the 1V1 player, and the playmakers.

Complete Dribbling
The 360 control will be more precise, making it more convenient for maneuvering through players and going on 1V1.

So yes, so far there’s an improvement for the playmakers and 1V1 players-this makes me anxious for online play.

FIFA Soccer 13 1st Touch Control
1st Touch Control will give gamers a more realistic control of the ball and near perfect touches.

While this sounds like it’s another update to make scoring easier, it’s actually a great feature for defending because defending is all about how effective you are in your first touch. This feature gives a chance for defenders to really become the center of attention.

Player Impact Engine (2nd generation)
This feature allows for players to use their size and strength to their advantage.

The 1st generation Player Impact Engine had its pros and cons. Collisions made the game more realistic, the only problem was that players would take forever to get up! Overall I think that the impact engine was good for FIFA, and an upgraded version should do well for the game.

FIFA Soccer 13 Tactical Free Kicks
This will give gamers the chance to position up to three players over the ball and create dummy runs and more passing options to fool your opponents.

This is as awesome as it sounds. Anyone who’s played soccer knows that free kicks are important. You either go for the shot or attempt a play to put the ball past the crossbars. This is excellent for teams that don’t have a player with David Beckham free kick qualities.

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