Nike Plus Kinect Interview with Jay Blahnik, Nike Trainer and Consultant
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on November 21, 2012 at 02:00 PM EDT

Recently, GamerFitNation was able to interview Jay Blahnik, Nike trainer and consultant for Nike Plus Kinect training. We recently reviewed the game, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to see our review you can check it out here. The title is one of the best fitness games for the kinect, so enjoy the additional information about the game posted below.

GamerFitNation: Can this workout be effective for athletes who are used to professional sports training regiments (i.e. division 1 athletes or professional athletes)?

Blahnik: You bet. This program was designed with Nike Sports Science, the same kind of skills and drills that we give to our elite level athletes when they come to campus to train or improve their game. So it is inspired and built off of the same science behind all of those training programs. So whether you’re a beginner, who’s just looking to get results and get started or whether you’re actually an athlete currently playing sports, this is going to build on your fitness and athleticism, which we think are actually skills that both general fitness consumers need but also athletes need. And because it has Nike’s attitude, if you are an athlete or you play sports, you’re really going to find the experience really speaks to you because there are challenges, there’s an opportunity to improve your scores to do better and I think everyone, fitness consumers and athletes alike, enjoy that.

GamerFitNation: How many different exercises can be found in the game?

Blahnik: Approximately 100+ drills will allow for a range of workouts that emphasize strength, cardio and dynamic flexibility. With input from expert Nike trainers and athletes and the tailored experience for each individual, no two people will have the same workout on Nike+ Kinect Training.

GamerFitNation: Can the drills found in the game be done in the field and without the Kinect?

Blahnik: Yes. Additionally, no exercise equipment is needed to workout with Nike+ Kinect Training, but individuals will have the option of adding weights to enhance certain drills, if desired.

GamerFitNation: What are the benefits of having the Nike name?

Blahnik: We think Nike is the perfect partner for Xbox fitness. With this fully integrated collaboration we are able to create a revolutionary experience with the best technology and the science that drives the world’s best athletes. We’ve created an affordable, personalized program that offers a robust fitness experience like nothing else available for the home.

 GamerFitNation: Are there going to be downloadable workouts after launch?

Blahnik: We look forward to sharing more details soon.

GamerFitNation: What makes this fitness experience so special?

Blahnik: Nike + Kinect Training is not a game, but a true personalized training program tailored to each individual.  With the magic of Kinect, Nike+ Kinect Training sees how the body moves, assesses fitness level and athleticism, identifies areas for improvement and creates a personalized workout experience unlike any fitness program on the market. Another differentiator between Nike+ Kinect Training and exergames is access to the Nike+ and Xbox LIVE communities. As part of the Nike+ ecosystem, the Nike+ Kinect Training community keeps individuals on track and motivated as they work toward reaching their personal fitness goals.

 GamerFitNation: Have there been any proven results from any of the testers that have tried this title?

Blahnik: I encourage you to check out the Train for Your Moment campaign, which  features influencers and everyday athletes who will share relatable stories of training for their Moment and working towards a goal on Facebook.

Throughout the course of the campaign, participants will receive motivational messages and have the opportunity to motivate other athletes along their journey. The campaign kicks off on Oct. 11, when the first wave of familiar faces will be sharing their “Nike+ Kinect Training” stories on


GamerFitNation: Are there going to be any celebrity models or workouts in the game that gamers and fitness enthusiasts can expect?

Blahnik: Nike athletes appear in Nike+ Kinect Training providing encouragement and kudos when you reach certain program goals and milestones. We don’t want to give too much away as these are special moments just for you.

GamerFitNation: What is the overall goal with this title?

Blahnik: The goal of the title is to offer anyone—whatever your level, whatever your goal—to experience personal training at home. Using real-time feedback and elite level coaching, Nike+ Kinect Training delivers a personalized program that evolves as you do.

GamerFitNation: What’s your favorite circuit or fitness exercise in this game?

Blahnik: One of my favorite things about “Nike+ Kinect Training” is that the drills are all designed to be really dense exercises and they’re designed to give you the maximum impact of at least amount of time. So every cardio drill, every strength drill  - one of my favorite parts- there’s no wasted time. Everyone that’s actually done the program and experienced the workout says” it really kicks my butt, but I’m not having to do it for 90 minutes.” You’re able to actually get a really, really efficient workout program in a minimum amount of time. The circuits, the way the programs are designed, are really about the least amount of wasted time. And, I think, everybody can appreciate that because I don’t think anyone wants to workout longer than they have to.

GamerFitNation: Does the game work with Nike products such as Nike FuelBand?

Blahnik: Both the FuelBand and Nike+ Kinect Training sync to the Nike+ ecosystem, though they do not sync with one another.

Nike Plus Kinect is out now and if you have not checked it out yet, its definitely worth a workout. It’s the only way to BeGamerFit!

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