Xzibit Interview At CES 2013 New EA and Monster Gaming Headsets
by Antwand Pearman on January 17, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

 CES 2013

This year at International CES 2013 it seems the recurring theme was headphones, headsets, and audio. Monster being one of the most commercialized headphone brands on the planet were not going to be outdone by a bunch of cheap knockoffs. That is why at CES 2013, monster made an announcement that only the former pimp your ride expert could make. In a partnership between EA and Monster, they are now creating brand new gaming headsets that’s giving gamers and trash talking enthusiasts the chance to hear all the smack that you are you going to be talking with high quality sound.

What better way to discuss these new gaming headsets then with a real down to earth and true gamer like Xzibit. You might remember rapper Xzibit from all of his rap albums and hit songs. You might even remember him as the host of the popular MTV Show Pimp My Ride. Now, he is in collaboration with Monster and EA. In this interview we catch up with Xzibit and talk about all of the that and more.

Check out the interview posted below for your viewing pleasure!

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