Microsoft Will Announce The Xbox 720 Soon, Here’s A Theory About When
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 23, 2013 at 08:00 PM EDT

Xbox 720

Recent rumors have come to light that Microsoft is set to announce their press event for their future console sometime in April. While this is mostly rumor, there is some evidence to support the claim; however there is nothing concrete. I believe the reveal will be a little bit sooner than that. Read my theory below and see whether or not you agree with my assertion.

A Microsoft executive has stated on the record that they don’t think Sony announcing the PlayStation 4 will do anything for the company. Now, we all know that Sony just announced the PlayStation 4 this Wednesday during their huge reveal. This brings about the question concerning Microsoft and their next console presumable called Durango, Xbox 720, or infinity you get the idea .

If we go by recent rumors about console there are still lot of questions to be answered. Will it play used games? What are the specs going to be like? These are some of the most important concerns for fans and hardcore games alike. Other than the games, everyone wants to know when Microsoft will announce their next console. I believe and this is purely speculation that Microsoft will announce their next console at GDC. As many of you may know PaxEast is next month on March 22nd to the 24th. PaxEast is mostly a community event so console announcements never are revealed here. That is why I am speculating that GDC will lead to the announcement of the Next Xbox or the future date in April.

Why here? That must be the question you are asking yourself. I personally feel that the next Xbox is going to be one that does something stupendous in terms of making new gaming experiences. I believe it will be as developer happy as the PlayStation 4 is. Developers will love the tech of a kinect 2. But of course this all depends on if the rumors of the next Xbox are to be believed.

PlayStation 4 Controller

My second point is since Sony announced the PlayStation 4 last Wednesday on February 20th, it put Microsoft in tight spot of whether to wait until E3 for an announcement or allow the hype train to run in Sony’s direction. I think making an announcement after Sony will be beneficial to maintain the fanbase that they have garnered in this generation. This will allow them to ride the momentum of outselling the Wii u the past months and other achievements that they have recently done. I believe that this will cause consumers to pick one console over the other. There has been some distress from fans that are displeased with the announcement from Sony that previous games will unable to be played on the console. Of course this was all confirmed and came to light during the announcement on the PlayStation 4 on February 20th.

Lastly, as I’ve mentioned before I believe Microsoft should announce their next-generation console at GDC. This is the perfect place to show media and developers there way of the future and what that they have envisioned for themselves as a company. Will this happen? Only time will tell. I can say one thing though I am very excited about their next console. However, I feel people are underestimating the potential Xbox is bringing to the table. I honestly believe Microsoft’s next Xbox has something special up its sleeve. Now that you have read my theory; post your thoughts below and let’s see what we can come up with.

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  • Cantored

    I can’t really support Microsoft anymore because they stopped caring about the core gamer and focus on casual gaming, Kinect and Xbox as a media hub. Ps4 definite buy, but Ill probably skip the next Xbox

    • Gregory Laporte

      I can understand that however I really am anxious to see what they have in store for us next gen. I honestly believe they have something special to wow consumers and gamers alike.

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