Spawn In Injustice Gods Among Us?!
by Antwand Pearman on April 17, 2013 at 07:54 AM EST

Spawn In Injustice Gods Among Us?!

Can The Gods Take On This Demon?


Finally, Injustice has arrived and is available to all who will bow down before the New Gods of Earth. Still with a full roster of the  most powerful heroes and villains in DC Comics is it possible for them to throw a legendary demon SPAWN in the mix? In this interview we asked if it was possible for Spawn to be a playable character in the game.

Hector Sanchez a producer on Injustice God Among Us stated that though there were no plans too add him to the roster it would be a good to look into. His concerns were that many young gamers wouldn’t know who Spawn was, as well as issues with licensing.

For those of you thinking something like this could never happen. Let’s remember that DC and Image Comics had collaboration in the past with 1994’s  Spawn and Batman comic. A story written by comic legend Frank Miller and drawn by Spawn’s creator Todd McFarlane. Which leave me to feel that licensing would be a small issue that could be stepped over.

This would in my opinion shock and awe fans leaving them wanting more. Let not forget that Freddy Kruger was in Mortal Kombat a game you would have every thought he’d be in. In my opinion Spawn would fit perfectly.Still, I ask you the fans would you like to see Spawn in Injustice God Among Us? Further more, do you feel he’s a good fit for the game?


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    I have a policy to purchase anything that is related to spawn

  • Prowessional

    Hoping that someday, Spawn will be in Injustice: Gods Among Us, led me to this page. I vote HELL YES!

  • Kevin Bradley

    After the way the fans reacted to Scorpion’s addition, I doubt Spawn will ever be added, even if the details could be worked out.

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