Mad Dan: the New Mobile Game by Spain’s Etorki Games
by Soraya Perez on January 6, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

mad dan

GamerFitNation has the pleasure to present Mad Dan, the new mobile game created by Etorki, a Spanish indie gaming company. The creators, Ion Ocasar, Pablo Ocasar and Alexander Camarero, are the founders of Etorki Games.

Mad Dan is an arcade game and could perfectly fit in the tower defense sub-group of games. It’s protagonist is Dan, an old scruffy man who is locked down in a psychiatric hospital, so the most important mission of the gamer would be letting him free as soon as possible, avoiding those mean enemies who will follow you very closely.

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The game starts in Dan’s cell, where he walks up and down every day. Until the day he discovers to his multifaceted neighbor, who loves experimenting and doing dirty business at the same time. His name is “Little John.” From this new friendship will appear the biggest challenge of his life, running away from the psychiatric hospital in order to be free. The only thing our protagonist will have to give to “Little John” is the medicine which will be displaced around the game, in order to improve his psychic and tower powers as well. These towers are going to be placed by Dan around the game to destroy his enemies. Regarding his powers and energy, the player will have to learn how to control and save them in order to go forward along the 150 levels.

The journey to the freedom will be developed along three different scenarios. The first one will correspond to Dan and his neighbors’ rooms. The second one will take part in the building’s second floor, where the psychiatric visits are attended. And the last part of the game will be at the psychiatric hospital’s roof.

Thanks to the evolution of mobiles’ platforms, Etorki Games has been able to create a game with a huge mechanic and artistic quality, inconceivable for this platform until now. They say, “We do not have to care about video game’s first impression, because it is super simple and intuitive to control, mostly for those gamers with experience in Tower Defense or Strategic Puzzle games.” They also say, “if you have never played any game like this, Mad Dan is the best way to start up in the field”

There is not a confirmed date for its release yet, though it’s thought to be soon. But the day Mad Dan turns official, GamerFitNation will announce it loud and clear. Until the time arrives, check out the official trailer and the see game’s gameplay.

 Edited By: Caryn Pine

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