Wii Games: Burn calories? Yes, Sometimes.
by GamerFitnation on January 28, 2014 at 01:20 PM EDT

By: Brogan Cordova


With the Wii at lower prices than ever and in more homes, it’s much more accessible to parents wanting to get their children to exercise. So, now that it’s had plenty of time to get studied, is the Wii a good exergaming tool for kids? Do the studies back it up? Yes and no.

According to a study done at Brigham Young University, some active video games such dancing and boxing on the Wii are good exercises for middle-schoolers. The findings show that these games provide exercise that matches “current physical activity recommendations.” One example they gave is that 20 minutes of a boxing game burned the same energy as walking for a mile. Of course, they pointed out this doesn’t apply to every Wii game.

However, the study only covered raw amounts of calories burned. It doesn’t necessarily cover the 60 minutes of exercise a day recommended for a child’s exercise. Another study that kept track children’s activity through all hours of the day showed little to no difference between children with active Wii games and children with inactive games.

According to this study, they were unable to determine what caused the lack of difference, as they had predicted Wii games would increase exercise in children. This could be because the games didn’t demand very much energy, or because exercise on the Wii merely replaced other exercises and activities throughout the day.

Ultimately, it appears active Wii games have the capacity to substitute regular exercise as long as the children stick to the recommended 60 minutes a day total.

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