New Spawn Movie in Development Confirmed by Todd McFarlane with Details
Wants Spawn in Injustice
by Antwand Pearman on February 18, 2014 at 10:55 PM EST

new Spawn Movie

In an interview with Antwand Pearman, legendary artist Todd McFarlane told GamerFitnation that he was working on not only a new Spawn movie, but a video game, anime and more. It’s also good to note that McFarlance expressed interest in seeing Spawn as an unlockable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

“Get  him in there and then he takes down everybody”

This is good news, especially since Nether Realm Studios also expressed interest in seeing Spawn in Injustice as well. Still, details about a new Spawn movie included an off-camera suggestion insinuating that Jamie Foxx will be Spawn. Foxx did say that he wanted to play Spawn in a film. McFarlane also said that he will write, produce, and direct the film. Watch all the details in the video interview itself.

“Non-negotiable. I write, produce, and direct. That’s it”

Fans wanted a new Spawn movie since the 1997 film starring actor Michael Jai White. We haven’t seen an animated Spawn since HBO’s Spawn, which aired from 1997 -1999. So, the real question is: Are fans ready for the resurrection of the mighty hell Spawn? Tell us your thoughts; we’d love to know.

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  • Kevin Bradley

    After the way the fans reacted to Scorpion’s addition, I doubt Spawn will ever be added, even if the details could be worked out.

    • Eagles83

      At least Spawn is a comic book character which makes more sense. I didn’t personally have a problem with Scorpion but maybe people were DC purists and didn’t want any outside additions. You never know what is going to upset people but I don’t think the devs should concern themselves with that.

  • BANE

    HELL YES. This is all fantastic news. Todd McFarlane is the s**t! Good to see he will have control of the film this go round.

  • TyQwan H

    I’m so hyped for all of this I believe this will be one of the best comicbook films this year,I’ma huge spawn fan

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