Batting Cages Can Be Mentally and Physically Good for You
by Alfredo López Editor GFN, LA West Coast on May 16, 2014 at 06:25 PM EDT

batting cages

Batting Cages Can Be Mentally And Physically Good For You

A couple of weeks ago my cousin and I went to the batting cages for the first time and we weren’t too sure on what to expect. I’ve been playing co-ed softball for nearly a year now and know that after a while, batting can be tiring. But at a batting cage you get some 20 swings per round and it’s swing after swing, almost non-stopped. Whether you’re practicing with softball or baseball pitches, it’s going to be tiring. Aside from improving on my batting, what I got from the batting cages was that pretty much anyone can go there and get a really good workout! So here’s exactly why I would recommend going to a batting cage.

Stress Relieving
Taking swings at the batting cages will help relieve you of whatever stress you might be going through. You might be mad, sad or just feeling down. When you’re batting, all your focus is on that ball and making contact with it, everything else in the world is almost non-existent, so for that time being, everything that stresses you out has no way of getting at you. So if you’re in need of some stress relief, batting cages are the place to be at!

Great Body Workout
Taking a good swing requires motion from your whole body, especially when you have a baseball coming at you at anywhere from 35-70 mph. Your arms, legs and core are all moving, including your eye coordination. It’s a very complete workout and it’s very fun, especially when you get that perfect hit against the ball. I would say it’s more of a cardio workout because it’s nothing that’s going to build muscle, but it will definitely leave you out of breathe.

Batting Cages Overall

Overall the batting cages are a great place to get a good workout, have fun with friends and clear your mind, so next time you’re looking to feel good both mentally and physically, consider going to a batting cage near you! 


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