Crossfit Gear Must Haves for The Male Gamer
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By Kyle Swain

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Crossfit Gear For The Fit Gamer 

CrossFit is no easy sport.  However, with the right clothing, you can make a tough workout a little more comfortable and be ready to tackle a new personal best or new territory that will push your training to another level.  Just like in other sports, the right equipment, gear, and clothing can make a world of difference.  GamerFitNation is here to guide you on CrossFit gear.

Crossfit Gear Headbands

Crossfit gear

Rogue Headbands

Starting from the top, headbands are an optional item that can really save your ability workout.  While not everyone may need or want one, if you’re like me, a good headband can go a long way to prevent sweat from cascading into your eyes, keeping the gym session much more tolerable.

Rogue Fitness has their line-up with a few color options for $9.00

Crossfit Gear Compression Shirts

Crossfit gear

UnderArmor Compression shirt

Next up are compression shirts.  These tight shirts provide numerous benefits for CrossFit workouts.  They are designed to be, of course, tight. This is meant to reduce the time it takes for your muscles to repair themselves, getting you back in the gym faster than before.  They are non-restrictive, meaning that the only thing holding you back from any of the exercises is your own flexibility.  The sweat-wicking and anti-odor technology paired with the chafe-free seams allows anyone to work out to the max.  Lowered apprehension of pain from the rubbing of other clothes, lowered odor, and sweat-wicking technology that keeps you cool makes this a must crossfit gear buy for serious training.

UnderArmor has a set with various superhero designs for $44.99

Crossfit Gear Compression Sleeves

2XU Compression Sleeve

Crossfit gear

Compression sleeves are another option for all CrossFit participants.  They function very much like the compression shirts with sweat-wicking and are designed to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.  What this results in is, again, a faster recovery time.  These help extend beyond what most compression shirts cover, giving you the same benefits for your entire upper body when combined with the shirts.

2XU offers a set for $44.95

CrossFit Gear Gloves

Crossfit gear

Sports Authority’s Lifting Glove

Perhaps the most controversial item for this list are gloves. Gym culture and even many CrossFit adherents see gloves as the tools or clothing of wimps.  Why scoff at gloves when they provide two major benefits to any serious athlete?  Gloves give better grip and traction, making slips from sweaty palms a much less likely occurrence, especially since powder is not always available. This keeps you working out while providing a level of  safety from having hands slip and cause serious injury.  The next great aspect of gloves is they deliver protection for the skin on your palms.  Especially true for beginners, the repetition and sliding of weights in your hands causes rubbing that tears skin or creates blisters.  With gloves you will be protected against such incidences.

You can find a pair from Sports Authority for $34.99

Compression Shorts

Crossfit gear

UnderArmor Compression Shorts

Compression shorts give all the benefits of the other compression gear mentioned previously.  However, the plus side of compression wear is much more apparent in the shorts.  They cover the biggest muscles in the body and the anti-chafing is going to be key for this area.  If you are sore from chafing, then in all likelihood you are more apt to workout less or not at all.  Staying chafe free becomes crucial when it comes to legs. It will keep you in the game and continuing on your quest to fitness.

UnderArmor has you covered with their compression shorts for $44.99

Crossfit Gear Socks

Crossfit gear

Reebok’s Compression Socks

The next item you are going to want to consider is a pair of quality socks.  While not the flashiest of all gym apparel, you are going to wish you considered them when you feel chafed or too warm from the standard thick cotton variety.  Coming in compression and low-cut varieties, quality socks give you breathability while providing some cushion from a heavy set of Olympic lifts.  Once you have a good pair, you will never go back.

Reebok offers both compression and “no-show” variety for $15 and $18 respectively

CrossFit Gear Shoes

Crossfit gear

Lifting Shoe from Reebok

One of the final pieces of apparel you will want to consider is a good set of shoes.  For those who are obsessive about doing their Olympic lifts, a CrossFit lifter shoe will go a long way.  The shoes help provide stability while lifting heavy, helping you achieve maximum results and maybe even a new personal record.

Reebok sells their lifter shoes for $149.98

With the right clothes, there is no stopping you from your fitness goals.  As most athletes know, the right equipment can make a world of difference.  If you’ve tried any the clothing or apparel mentioned above tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Good luck with all your CrossFit gear endeavors.

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