Le Tour de France Season 2014, The Forza to Cycling ?
Or just recycled material?
by GamerFitnation on May 27, 2014 at 11:34 AM EDT

Le Tour de France

By Kyle Swain

New screenshots for Le Tour de France Season 2014 were recently released, giving us a glimpse of the franchise’s next installment in the Le Tour de France Pro Cycling series.  These are the largest and most storied cycling race games in history, and their creators look to improve upon previous titles in order to give cycling fans a realistic game to enjoy.

Announced from Le Tour de France Season 2014′s official site, Cyanide Studio has added a new pro team mode that will allow you to play across different seasons and build a reputation that attracts new cyclists to your team. Improved graphics and animation as well as a multiplayer mode are new improvements being added to this installment.

Le Tour de France

What We Would Like To See

As a detail-oriented cyclist myself, I have high hopes for a season based on the sport’s “race of races.” Before, the chance to choose between cyclists and their stats as well as food for the stage offered a bit of a creative touch and customization for how your rider responded, be it to hills or exhaustion. What they hopefully implement in the new game is even more options for the bike, such as what wheels, frame, type of crank, or even tires can be used, along with their respective stats, to allow gamers to feel the difference in their choices.

Le tour de France


As misguided as it may be, I want to experience the effect of using heavy aero deep-dish wheels with a time trial bike (see above) on mountain stages and feel the crosswind.   In my opinion, improved AI and physics that bring the game more in-line with other racing simulators such as Forza Motorsports could go a long way for the franchise.  I want to feel the absolute terror of descending at 45+ mph while trying to avoid contact with my opponents and improve my position. Contact at such speeds in real life can mean the end of your race and I would like to see a high risk and reward system with a realistic physics engine.  Only time will tell, however, and I am cautiously optimistic for the next installment.

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