Nintendo Announces the Gamecube Controller Adapter for Wii U
by GamerFitnation on May 30, 2014 at 07:02 PM EDT

Nintendo has revealed that you will be able to use an adapter for the Wii U console to plug in your old Gamecube controllers and use them to play their newest Smash Bros. game.



Just like in the image above suggests you will be able to plug in up to 4 controllers into your Wii U to play Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. Many hold the Gamecube controller in very high regards as one of the best controllers of all time, saying that it’s control scheme was ideal for playing Smash Bros. While no release details or pricing have been told yet expect to find out more at E3 along side announcements for the Smash Bros. release dates.

In case you were unaware Nintendo is holding a Smash Bros. tournament at E3 and invited 16 of the best Smash Bros. players to compete in it. All the details of the tournament are in this video with the Gamecube controller adapter coming in at the end of the video.

Now while the intended use for this Gamecube controller adapter is for Smash Bros. if Nintendo wants they can open a whole new host of possibilities with this idea. They are planning to release Gamecube Virtual Console games to the Wii U and it would be amazing if us players would be allowed to use the GC controllers for those as well. Even if they don’t allow this then there are still other alternatives to get the feel of a Gamecube controller back.

So what do you think of this announcement? Are you excited to use your old Gamecube controllers? Let us know what you think about all of this in the comments below!

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