Quantum Break Finally Announces Release Date
by GamerFitnation on May 30, 2014 at 01:00 AM EDT

By Kyle Swain

Quantum Break finally has a release date. Officially announced by Remedy Games recently along with a teaser trailer for the upcoming XBOX One exclusive title. With promises of another major reveal at Gamescom, we learn that the game is scheduled to roll out sometime in 2015.

Quantum Break

In the trailer, the game is described as a split between a game and a show combining elements of their previous work in Max Payne and a decision making actions which may turn out much like the  latest in the battlefield series.  The split modes of the game along with a strong focus on the story could make this a very strong title for next year.  In the meantime all we can do is wait and see for Gamescom for more info on Quantum Break.

Source: Remedy Games

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