SEGA Partners With Alienware Arena For eSports Tournament
by Tamika Moultrie on May 24, 2014 at 10:47 AM EDT

SEGA and Alienware

SEGA of America and SEGA of Europe announced this weekend that they have entered the world of eSports with their tournament partnership with eSports heavyweight Alienware Arena for Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes 2. Alienware is set to host a three-week 1v1 tournament across Europe and North America  starting next month, June 2014, with more than $1,000 in total cash prizes in each region. SEGA’s Company of Heroes 2 starts from June 7 through June 21, 2014, and it is open to all Alienware Arena members with a limit of 128 contestants. 

SEGASo what is Alienware Arena and how can you join in the tournament ? Well Alienware Arena is a PC eSports league known for several videgames they’ve featured like the hit sensation League of Legends in Korea. To become apart of the league players can sign up on Alienware Area..

In addition,  SEGA is offering access to the standalone multiplayer of Company of Heroes 2 to a limited number of Alienware Arena members . This giveaway offers  full access to the global battlefield and all multiplayer game modes. In order to compete in the tournament players can register at CEVO in the Events section


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