Sniper Elite 3 Looks Like a Vast Improvement
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by Zachary Bridge on May 23, 2014 at 08:00 AM EDT

Sniper Elite 3

I played Sniper Elite 3 at a demo event in New York City earlier this week, and the game looked like it will be a vast improvement over its predecessors.

I very much enjoy the Sniper Elite series, so saying that Sniper Elite 3 is going to be even better than the rest of the series is a big compliment.

The first level of the Sniper Elite 3 campaign and the first Overwatch multiplayer mission were available at the demo event. They gave a good taste of what I’m sure is going to be a fantastic game.

The sniping in Sniper Elite 3 is as solid as it was in Sniper Elite V2.

Few games handle sniping as well as the Sniper Elite series. The greatest thing about Sniper Elite 3 is that the developers did not mess with the sniping.

Sniper Elite 3 applies real physics to sniping. The degree to which physics affect bullets depends on the player’s chosen difficulty level.

Sniper Elite 3 has three difficulty levels: Cadet, Marksman and Sniper Elite. On Cadet, bullets go exactly where the reticule is pointing. On Marksman, bullets are affected by gravity, but holding the character’s breath brings up a red diamond that shows where the shot is going to land. On Sniper Elite difficulty, bullets are affected by gravity and wind, and there’s no on-screen indicator of where the bullet is going to land. So, players can choose just how much physics they want in their game, up to physics that mimic real-world sniping.

Of course, the iconic Sniper Elite kill camera is back. When a player makes a long-range kill, time slows down as the camera focuses on the bullet, following its trail from the player’s gun through the enemy’s body. The game gives the player an x-ray shot of the kill, showing the player exactly what organs he destroyed with the shot.

The iconic x-ray kill cam has been upgraded for Sniper Elite 3 to include even gorier sequences.

The iconic x-ray kill cam has been upgraded for Sniper Elite 3 to include even gorier sequences.

The stealth in Sniper Elite 3 is a vast improvement over the stealth in the previous games.

One of the problems with the previous Sniper Elite games is that killing an enemy when there were other enemies nearby usually resulted in every enemy in the area knowing exactly where the player is located. Sniper Elite 3 alleviates that problem.

There’s now a bar on the heads-up display that lets the player know how close he is to alerting enemies to his position. The bar fills up when the player takes shots that aren’t muffled by loud noises or far enough away from enemies other than the target. When the bar is full, enemies have pinpointed the player’s position. A ghost image of where the enemies think the shot came from appears, and the player needs to move far enough away from that spot to lose the enemies tracking him. Overall, the detection system is much more user-friendly than previous Sniper Elite games.

Sniper Elite 3 also adds close-quarter stealth kills. Instead of relying on the horribly inaccurate Welrod to kill nearby enemies, the player can walk up to an enemy and silently dispatch him. The addition of the close-quarters attack to Sniper Elite 3 makes it seem that the stealth experience the game offers is going to be much fun.

Sniper Elite 3 also has some new features, like an experience point system that awards customization possibilities for weapons and new enemy vehicles.

The experience point system in Sniper Elite 3 is new to the Sniper Elite series.

Experience points are shared between single-player and multiplayer modes. Experience points are earned by killing enemies. More impressive kills, like headshots and long-distance kills, reward more points.

Experience points can be used to earn customizable parts for guns. The idea is to keep the games’ weapons as historically accurate as possible, while allowing players to customize their weapons to suit their style.

Vehicle kills have also been updated. There’s a wider variety of enemy vehicles, and destroying them takes more than one shot. Blowing up a truck in the first level of the campaign required shooting off a grate that was protecting the engine and then shooting the engine. The kill camera also follows the bullet into the vehicles, which is a feature new to Sniper Elite 3.

Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3′s multiplayer experience looks like it’s going to be as solid as the single-player campaign.

Sniper Elite 3 is going to have both co-operative and adversarial game modes.

At the event, we played Overwatch mode, where one player fills the role of sniper and another serves as the scout who points out targets for the sniper. The sniper is equipped with a sniper rifle and a pistol, and the scout gets a submachine gun and a pistol.

Unlike Overwatch mode in Sniper Elite V2, in Sniper Elite 3, both players spend at least some time on the same level. In Sniper Elite V2, the sniper character was perched in a high point while the scout was on the ground. There are still sections of the missions where the players are split up, but there are now also sections where the players are together.

There was also another co-op mode called Survival, where players have to defend against waves of enemies. The campaign can also be played by two players.

One of my problems with the co-op in Sniper Elite V2 was that it was almost impossible to use stealth. Almost every map in Sniper Elite V2 turned into a run-and-gun experience, which is not what I want from Sniper Elite games (though it’s certainly a viable way to play). The new stealth features in Sniper Elite 3 make stealth a viable option in co-op, so the multiplayer experience should be more consistent with the single-player gameplay.

We didn’t get to play the adversarial multiplayer, but Sniper Elite 3 promises to set itself apart by making its adversarial multiplayer gameplay much more tactical and calculating than the hectic frenzy of other shooters. One wrong movement will very likely lead to death, as every player in Sniper Elite 3′s adversarial multiplayer is a sniper.

Sniper Elite 3 is launching soon.

Sniper Elite 3, developed by Rebellion Development and published by 505 Games, is launching on June 27 on PC and July 1 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in the United States.

By: Samuel J. Paul

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