Xbox One May Update Released
by GamerFitnation on May 19, 2014 at 10:28 PM EDT

By Damiaen Florian

Microsoft has released Xbox One’s May update. This new update improves party chat functionality and audio and speech controls pertaining to the Kinect.


No matter what console it is we all hate waiting at this screen.

One of the things you’ll be able to do now is opt yourself to be apart of improving speech recognition for the Kinect. You’ll be able to send samples of your voice commands to Microsoft so they can analyze their consumers speech and factor it into their algorithms to improve the speech functionality. Additionally you will be able to fine tune your volume controls when using different apps for Snap or chatting with Kinect.

Other small issues that’ll be addressed will be how party chat was muted if you didn’t snap the app, also how sometimes DVR recordings would have no audio to them. Finally the “Get System Update” on the console will now be grayed out if there is no update to be performed, it will read “Update Console” if there is an update to be performed however.

Microsoft stated earlier in the year that they wanted to push out more updates as often as they could and with this being second update in the past few weeks perhaps this is indicative of Microsoft trying to remain true to that goal.

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