Almonds Explained: Health Benefits, Alternatives, And Meals
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Almonds are an incredible food that can keep your body healthy, give you plenty of energy, and improve your everyday life.

What’s In Almonds?

This infographic from Calorie Count shows just what exactly is in your standard almonds.


You may notice that almonds offer a healthy dose of fat, however it is important to note that there are good and bad types of fat that you can ingest. Polyunsaturated Fat and Monounsaturated Fat are considered ‘good’ fats, which luckily is what the primary fat source in Almonds are. Also important to note that Almonds, as well as other nuts, provide a great amount of Fiber.

Health Benefits of Almonds

Bone Health -

Not something you hear everyday I’m sure, but bone related diseases such as osteoporosis are no joke. Almonds gives your body ample amounts of minerals and vitamins which can strengthen your bones as well as your teeth.

Prevention of Diabetes

Almonds reduce rises in glucose levels which is what diabetics suffer when their body has more glucose than they can handle. The Almonds regulate the glucose helping to prevent the chances of one obtaining diabetes.

Energy Boost -

When it comes to giving you energy Almonds are the paragon of foods. Eating a handful of almonds every half hour or so will provide you with a large dose of energy to complete all your necessary tasks.

Keeps Cholesterol Levels in Check

Has a high cholesterol ever been a good thing? Almonds help produce HDL (High-Density-Lipoproteins) and reduce LDL (Low-Density-Lipoproteins). LDL is what is known as ‘bad cholesterol’ and having HDL to balance out your cholesterol helps you living healthy.

These are just a few of the many health benefits of Almonds, you can also obtain a lot of these health benefits from foods made from Almonds as well.

How Should I Include Almonds Into My Diet?

There are plenty of ways to get Almonds into your everyday meal plans, here are a few simple inexpensive ways.


                                                               Trail Mix, Trail Mix, and More Trail Mix

Trail mix is an ideal fooAlmonds_5d source and has been the mainstay snack of plenty of athletes,  hikers, campers and more, why is it so popular? Because you can add just about  anything to it. Take a plastic bag fill it with almonds, then add whatever other foods  you want, this can include other nuts such as cashews, peanuts, pistachios, or others.  You canadd dried fruits too like raisins, cranberries, mangoes or apricots, and even  M&M’s to make it sweet. When you have the combination of salty and sweet in a bag  it’s not hard to find yourself digging through your whole bag quite quickly.

                                                                Put Almonds Into Your Salad

Almonds_6 Salads are like trail mix in their own sense that there are many different ingredients you  can add to them, almonds and other kinds of nuts go very well in salad. Preferably  crushed up into smaller pieces almonds will add taste, texture, and even more health  benefits to your salad.

Eat Them As A Side

Whenever yoAlmonds_4u have a typical sandwich how many times do you have a side to go along  with it, this can include chips, soup, or others. Instead of eating those oily salted chips  you could replace them with a side of a handful of almonds. What’s been found is that it’s  not so much what the side tastes like it’s just that the person who’s eating is actually just  looking for an alternative taste to their main entree at hand. Almonds can also act as  what’s called a ‘pallet cleaner’ which basically means that it will clear your mouth of the  former tastes so that when you go back to your main food the taste will be renewed and as strong as the first bite.

Where Should I Buy The Almonds?

Almonds can be found just about at any general food market or grocery store. If you’re looking for plain almonds there isn’t a specific brand that I’d label as ‘better’  than the others. However a lot of stores do sell specialty Almonds like salted or ‘candied’ kinds.

Are There Any Alternatives To Almonds?

Whether it’s because you’re allergic to Almonds or you’re plain just getting bored of eating the same thing over and over again don’t worry because there are plenty of other foods out there that offer most of the same health benefits that Almonds do.

                                                              Brazil Nuts -

Almonds_7You can find about the same health benefits in 24 Almonds as you can in about 7 Brazil Nuts. Brazil Nuts are however very high in fats. 1 cup of Brazil nuts will give you 135% of your daily recommended fat intake, they do offer good supplies of Magnesium and fiber too though.

Pistachios -

Almonds_8 Pistachio’s are an excellent source of protein and fiber, and are also slightly higher in  their fat amounts than Almonds. You’ll need to eat about 45 Pistachios in order to  achieve the same health benefits as 24 Almonds.

Walnut -

Almonds_9 Walnuts are healthy all around in terms of nutritional value, they offer good fat intake,  protein, potassium, iron and fiber. You would need to eat about 14 Walnut halves in order  to achieve the same health benefits of that in 24 Almonds.


Almonds are a great source of nutritional value that you should make every effort possible to try to include into your diet. It will help you live a healthy life, give you plenty of energy and do nothing but improve the quality of life for yourself and those around you. For all the latest on Fitness and Health stay tuned to GamerFitNation

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