Exercise May Affect Internal Bacteria
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By Kyle Swain

Not only does physical activity help us get fit and lose weight through our exertions, it turns out that it changes the bacteria in our intestinal tract as well.

Just this month new data has been found that shows that exercising changes and increases the diversity of the microbes living in the human gut.  Inactivity appears to have the opposite effect.  In order to find out the effect of exercise, researchers followed a rugby team and two non-exercising groups that contained either normal or overweight participant.  Even when accounting for size, age, and gender, the rugby players displayed for more types of gut bacteria than their non-exercising counterparts.

The researchers also discovered markers in both groups that were quite surprising.  Despite the heavy exercising and strain the rugby players put on their body, they had lower levels of byproducts that are produced when your body experiences inflammation.  The non-exercising groups did fare as well with those in the non-exercising and overweight category showing the highest levels of inflammation.


Even with these results it is important to keep in mind the surface is just being scratched and determining the exact cause behind the correlation warrants further research and analysis as the study was small and the diet of the rugby players contained far more calories and had a different composition than the non-exercising groups.  In order to learn more there will be more research done on moderate exercise in both men and women that is designed to be completed later in the year.  In the meantime details on the study can be found here.  The main takeaway so far is any movement is good movement so get out there and play hard!

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