College Announces First Varsity League Team
by GamerFitnation on June 19, 2014 at 11:38 AM EDT

League of Legends

By Kyle Swain

League of Legends has long been a very popular and large game, and now Robert Morris University is going to treat it like a varsity sport.  Coming this fall will be a League of Legends varsity team and two practice teams for the 2014-15 academic year.  The goal is to compete in Riot’s North American Collegiate Championship and try to take home the $100,000 scholarship grand prize.  

This is a great boon for gamers the world over.  Once this takes root, the opportunities for gamers will be at the same level as many athletes.  No longer will you be forced to be competitive in sports alone in order to acquire an extracurricular scholarship. Access to an affordable education just got easier for gamers across the nation.

League of Legends

Robert Morris University is offering scholarships for potentional League of Legends recruits that can go up to 50% tuition and 50% room and board.  It won’t be easy to get in initially, as many will fight for what are now limited spots in the first organization of its kind.  As of now the number of schools who compete in the League of Legends High School Star League (HSL) numbers over 750 and Robert Morris University is seeking those with previous experience in this league.

What a time to be alive, when the university’s Associate Athletic Director Kurt Melcher finally takes a look at the eSports scene and realizes that it can be just as popular as conventional sports and that it takes many of the same skills and teamwork that physical sports require.  You can find the official announcement here on Robert Morris University’s athletic website.  Finally those countless hours of playing League of Legends could pay off and help cover the huge cost of attending college.  As always, good luck, and have fun!   

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