Ubisoft Announces ‘Shape Up’ For Xbox One
by GamerFitnation on June 21, 2014 at 07:30 AM EDT

Shape Up is an all new exercise oriented Xbox One exclusive that makes use of the Kinect.

Shape Up aims to be the next big exercise game, and one that actually helps its players lose a considerable amount of weight. Shape Up takes everyday workout routines and turns them into games that you can play by yourself or against others, while you’re trying to beat your opponent you’re also losing weight. You can face your opponent over the internet, or together in your home.

In one of the game modes, “Quick Play,” it’ll have you doing 90-second training routines that will focus on muscle building and cardio. In another mode, “Training Quest,” it will turn those exercises into 4-week long programs designed to help you lose weight, this mode will take about 45 minutes per session.

Ubisoft released a gameplay trailer for one of the modes in Shape Up which can be found right here:

Charles Huteau, the Creative Director of Shape Up, said, “Workouts can be mundane so it was a real challenge to adapt all of these crazy activities into exercises that are truly effective.”

It’s surprising to think that it took this long for a company to come out with a full fledged exercise game that uses the Kinect. Unlike other devices, such as Nintendo’s Balance Board, or Sony’s PlayStation Move, the Kinect has no barring on you or your body, it’s just you. This way it’s just like any other exercise you do, but due to the actions on the screen it can still feel like a game. Shape Up makes use of the Kinect’s cameras so it can see your image and project it into the game.

Shape Up launches on November 9th, 2014, is exclusive to the Xbox One console and will require a Kinect to play.

By Damiaen Florian

Edited by: Samuel J. Paul

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