Beetroot Juice: From the local 5k to the Tour de France
by GamerFitnation on July 8, 2014 at 11:44 AM EDT

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Beetroot Juice has once again made the headlines as Team Belkin has made it a staple in their Tour de France diet.  The juice has been shown to increase the level of nitrates in the bloodstream which allows your muscles to use more oxygen and increase endurance.  The nitrates in beetroot juice creates more nitric oxide which effectively opens you blood vessels more and allows more oxygen to flow through and will decrease blood pressure as well.

Studies from  the  U.S. National Library of Medicine show that participants were able to 12-14% longer in moderate intensity exercises when given the beetroot juice. The recommended amount is  300-500 millimeters of juice daily for at least a week to see maximum results. It is important to note that much like medicine, beetroot juice will have different effects on different individual.  If it is good enough for tour riders, it’s certainly good enough for this writer however!

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You may be wondering, but aren’t nitrates found in hot dogs and other processed harmful to our health?  Well you have the right idea that processed meats may be harmful to your health.  It is the Nitrites as opposed to the nitrates in beetroot juice that is causing some of the problems.  The two are easily confused but beetroot nitrates are what you are seeking for increased performance.  So no need to worry about your long term or overall health when supplementing with this juice.

There is one side-effect that beetroot juice will have when you ingest it daily.  It has been known to change the color of urine from the normal hue to a more reddish one.  Do not panic if this happens when you drink the beetroot juice as it is perfectly normal, much like that of asparagus’s effect.

Leave us a comment of your own personal experiences if you have used Beetroot juice  and what you think about all the hype and science.

by Kyle Swain

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