Blue Lenses Announced to Help Gamers
by GamerFitnation on July 6, 2014 at 08:04 PM EDT

By Jen Galik

Eyestrain is an all too real struggle for many gamers. Whether playing a next generation video game on your big screen television, growing crops on your tablet, or binge watching your favorite show on Netflix,  you have probably experienced painful eyestrain at some point in your gaming career. Eye Buy Direct has been working to help solve the problem of eyestrain for gamers and technology users alike through the use of blue lenses. The company recently released blue lenses to protect gamers’ eyes from Blue Light. The website gives you two options for getting your own set of blue lenses. For $21, you can get a Computer Lenses Package which includes standard 1.57 index lenses, UV Protection Coating, Anti-Scratch coatings, Anti-Glare coatings, and Water Repellent coatings, or for $14.95 you can customize your glasses during checkout and get a Blue Cut coating added to the lenses.

Almost all of the devices we use today for gaming make use of backlight technology, which releases Blue Light. Even though this form of short-wavelength UV light is found in sunlight as well, the amount of concentrated Blue Light given off from screens can be damaging to the eyes.  It is the long exposure to this light that causes eyestrain and retina damage. Eyestrain isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when being exposed to mass amounts of Blue Light. Headaches, trouble sleeping, and other signs of visual fatigue are also common issues. Long-term problems such as blindness and macular degeneration can also occur as a result of too much Blue Light in one’s life. Eye Buy Directs’ Blue Lenses are an answer to that problem.


Blue Lenses

Feel free to click here to browse Eye Buy Direct’s website and see if Blue Lenses are right for you.

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